Daily News Stuff 30 January 2019

Huawei's Matebook 13 is a nice 3:2 notebook that might not sell all your data to the commies, Ammobox DMCAs itself for a good cause, and Facebook out-Facebooks itself.
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Wednesday, January 30    Â·    323 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 29 January 2019

It's the Humble Cookbook Bundle, FaceTime is working for the KGB, Apple Death Watch: India Edition, Bell builds a helicopter, and Nvidia has a terrible horrible no good very bad week.
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Tuesday, January 29    Â·    860 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 28 January 2019

Julia turns 1.1; Huawei turns 48; DDR turns 5; and Raspberry Pi turns CM3+.  Sony is blinded by the light and Samsung hates the plastics.
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Monday, January 28    Â·    597 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 27 January 2019

Tom's Hardware reviews Google's Pixel Slate, China approves new games, a new low-power CPU from Intel surfaces, and Minecraft plays Donkey Kong.
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Sunday, January 27    Â·    575 words    Â·    Geek

Australia Day Musical Interlude

Relax on an excessively hot and sunny Australia day with the soothing sounds of AC/DC and the Divinyls and, we promise, absolutely no Men at Work.
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Saturday, January 26    Â·    30 words    Â·    Life

Daily News Stuff 26 January 2019

AnandTech looks at Intel's 10nm CPU, Samsung is preparing OLED laptop displays and new phone CPUs, Asus has some large small PCs, and Facebook engages in a little "friendly fraud".
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Saturday, January 26    Â·    645 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 25 January 2019

A new mail protocol that won't melt your brain, Apple backs out of the car business, there's a whole new Mac attack, and Google polishes Chrome against drivebys.
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Friday, January 25    Â·    873 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 24 January 2019

AMD will have a mainstream 12 core CPU, you need new glasses, Section 230 upheld, and Facebook bans thoughtcrime.
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Thursday, January 24    Â·    351 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 23 January 2019

Samsung announces the 970 EVO Plus; there's a security bug in the WiFi chips in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but don't panic; and is Chrome about to block ad blockers?
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Wednesday, January 23    Â·    665 words    Â·    Geek

Daily News Stuff 22 January 2019

Some minor aftermarket upgrades from Linus Tech Tips and Serve the Home; Google gets slapped with GDPR fines; and WhatsApp gets restricted to slow down fake news - or any other kind.
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Tuesday, January 22    Â·    385 words    Â·    Geek