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Monday, April 11


Looks Like This Is Actually Happening

Expect to sign the contract tomorrow or the day after.

Then all that's left is shifting 1.5 tons of books.  And junking 15 years worth of accumulated crap.

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Saturday, April 09



So, the main downstairs area of my current house - front hall, hall to the main bedroom and the first metre of the bedroom (it sticks out the front by 2.4m or so), ensuite, laundry, kitchen, lounge / dining area, and stairs - measures 8m x 6m.  (I got one of those laser measury things.)

The living room of the new house measures 7m x 6m - and is just part of a large open-plan area that flows off via two hallways to the rest of the house.

Being able to move around, having different rooms for different things, after spending this much time in a shoebox...  It's going to take some adjusting.

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Monday, April 04


Third Time's The Charm?

Got the contract back for house #3.

My lawyer read through and had a couple of comments but saw no real issues.  I took a look through and I agree.

So it looks like I might be buying not a lovingly renovated 19th century cottage, but instead a modern house with twice the floor area and easily six times the storage space I have now.  And views for miles, which is what drew me to this one over other similar properties.

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Saturday, September 04


You Know You're An Adult When

You buy a second set of the same cutlery you already own.

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Wednesday, October 07


Videos From A Parallel Universe, Part Two

They're baaaack!


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Tuesday, October 06


So How Are Things On Earth 2?

Things are wonderful.  Come join us!


Well, some things could be better.


But the tech channels over here are endlessly entertaining.


In unrelated news my YouTube feed seems to have had an aneurysm.

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Thursday, April 02


Another Good Thing For A Change

About three years ago, we closed our Sydney office at my day job, since half the staff already worked from home and the rest wanted to.

All the business equipment got packed away into storage so that we could move out on time, with the plan to sort it all out later.

Recently it seems someone asked "What is this storage unit we're paying for every month?" and so everything had to get moved out again.

They were planning to just dump the computers, and I pointed out that we couldn't do that since they might still contain confidential information.  Since the storage unit is about 20 minutes from my house, the plan was quickly modified to dumping the computers...  On my doorstep.

Which just happened.  Five old PCs (they sold off all the nice Apple equipment), four external disk drives...  And four Synology units containing a total of 96TB of disk.

Assuming I need to cannibalize one for spare parts and configure the other three in RAID-6, that will give me 54TB of available storage.  Which should keep me in anime for a few weeks.

Update: Just realised that with my new internet connection (100/40, no download cap), these Synology boxes, and the 1TB cloud server I'm using for daily backups, I can cancel our main archive server.  It's a nice server and reasonably priced for what it is, but the Australian dollar is in the toilet right now and I need to save money where I can if I want to bag one of those 3960X servers for mee.nu.

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Tuesday, March 31


I Still Aten't Dead

Three product launches, a conference (we have our own conference now), and a huge server migration meant that for the past two months I've been chasing fixed deadlines with rapidly varying requirements.

I have emerged.  Not necessarily emerged entirely victorious, but certainly emerged.

It looks like we might be moving operations mostly out of the cloud and onto a cluster of Threadripper 3960X servers with an aggregate 6 million IOPS.  Using ZFS and LXC everything will get snapshotted and backed up to AWS (and in some cases, replicated live) so that if it all drops dead somehow we can spin it back up the same day.

Need to read up on LXD clustering, like, right now.

Not installing Kubernetes, thanks.  Will probably have Docker running inside LXC though.

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Friday, February 28


Daily News Stuff 28 February 2020

Pulse Coded Packet Switched Digital Headache Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: That's the Moon.   Accept no substitutes particularly if they're only a couple of yards wide and don't plan to hang around.  (USA Today)

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Saturday, December 21


Holiday! Celebrate!

I have three weeks off starting today.

My air conditioner is busted but apart from tomorrow (well, today now, it's well past midnight) the next week's weather is expected to be pretty mild.

I'll be working on the new system again.  I started back in on it a couple of weeks ago to make sure I was ready to dive in right away.  My dev system has 100k users and 3.5 million posts in it right now for performance testing.

The back-end is complete and passes the test suite, and I've settled on the front end design.  I'll be posting the first previews in a few days.  

I'm tempted to call it Minx 1.1.7, since it's a top-down rewrite that shares no code or even database definitions with 1.1.6.


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