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Friday, April 10


The Media Can Die In A Fire 10 April 2020

Shelter in place and eat Vegemite. It works.

(Nothing wrong with that tweet.  Decided to start the day with something positive.)

Stupidity has consequences.  Let's ban consequences.

It's starting to look like the New York Times has one honest but stealthy sub-editor.

This keeps happening.  Article comes out with accurate headline, then gets progressively updated until it's pure propaganda.

We're getting through this pandemic, at great cost, so let's try some communism.

Gotta be the New York Times.  Nobody else could be that retarded.

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Thursday, April 09


Daily News Stuff 9 April 2020

Thank You For Solving A Problem We No Longer Have Edition

Tech News

Video of the Day

The Chrome dev tools are the bane of the idiots at Instagram.

Tweet of the Day

Nice CGI...  Wait, that's not CGI.

My suspension is weird.  I can't tweet, retweet, or like, or follow people.  I can DM, unfollow, block, and vote on polls.  I can't edit my profile.  I can't create lists or add people to them, but I can remove people from them.

Disclaimer: For values of not so much approaching not at all.

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Random Thots

  • Nim is not compiling static binaries, hence the size difference.  It's still smaller than Crystal's dynamically-linked binaries, but not by an order of magnitude.

    On the other hand, with Crystal, static binaries require a simple command-line switch because the compiler is an all-in-one affair.  With Nim it's rather more complicated because it's generating C and compiling that, so you have to provide C with the appropriate libraries and flags to do the static linking.  It is possible, at least, just not easy.

  • If MongoDB support isn't enterprise-ready in Crystal and Nim, how about Swift?

    (Looks at Swift MongoDB examples.)

    Fuck Swift.

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The Media Can Die In A Fire 9 April 2020

Okay, this is actually good.  Don't know if that's what they intended.  I doubt it.

This is less good.  The American news media has gone all-in on Chinese propaganda.

Pretty much.

Rule one of Good News: Any storm in a port.

If the facts look good for someone you don't like, find new facts.

This is not technically the media, but some random nobody artist, so their account will probably go private over this rather than them collecting a major award and a six-figure bonus.


Because this is the same imbecile who created New Guy and thought he was the villain in her little morality play.

Let the memes flow.

Kotaku has an epiphany.

It's the only city on the list, you idiot.

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Bad Evil Bots Too

Being scanned like crazy - as in, multiple requests per millisecond - by an IP address that belongs to Microsoft.

All looking for /bitrix/admin/index.php, which of course doesn't exist on this server, because we don't allow PHP in these here parts.

Microsoft, something on your network has a virus, and I don't mean Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague.

I'd reach out via Twitter except I've been silenced.

I took a look and found that the IP has been reported for multiple attacks on Wordpress sites already.  It's after midnight, I don't run Wordpress, and I wash my hands of it.

Update: Three more IPs go into the Bad Bots Index.  At least these were just fourth-rate webcrawlers, not Microsoft going to war against Wordpress.

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Wednesday, April 08


Daily News Stuff 8 April 2020

Mighty Hunter Edition

Tech News

  • I downloaded Nim and installed it on WSL and compiled a trivial test application and...  It worked.  Completely painless.  Compiles in roughly a second, most of which is spent loading the compiler because WSL is kind of slow at initialising binaries.

    The compiled size for a trivial app that just reads some text from the user and responds is 90K.  75K stripped, 41K upxed.  (upxed binaries don't work on WSL1 though.)

    That's pretty acceptable; I'll rewrite my Crystal system monitoring agent in Nim and see how it goes with a simple real-world app (it needs, for example, HTTPS support).  On advantage I'm hoping to see from the C back-end is a smarter linker than Crystal has.

    The problem with using either one seriously at my day job is the state of the MongoDB drivers, since we have many terabytes of MongoDB databases we aren't about to migrate.

    Both come with MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers, and Elasticsearch is a REST API and therefore not a problem, but we need solid MongoDB support.

    Update: With the HTTPClient and SSL libraries pulled in - and working, since I had it actually download this page - the binary is 287K in full or 97K stripped and upxed.  That is entirely acceptable.  It's an order of magnitude smaller than the Crystal equivalent.

    Update Two: Wait, is that really a static binary? My usual test is to drop it on a horribly out-of-date Linux box and see if it still works, but I just turned off all of those.

    The documentation suggests that Nim builds static libraries by default, but that's awfully small if it's really pulled in OpenSSL.  I suspect that it might be "static except for OpenSSL" or some such nonsense.  But then, that's pretty much what Crystal does on Mac.

  • Replace the innards of your Gamecube with a Ryzen 3200G-based Gamecube emulator.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Because why not?

  • So in what sense is OpenVMS open?  (Legacy OS)

    The final hobbyist licenses for OpenVMS will expire at the end of 2021.

  • A look at the Xeon 5220R.  (Serve the Home)

    Wait, didn't we just do that one?  Oh, that was the 6226R?  Okay.

    This is a 24 core Xeon at a sharply reduced price compared to last year, as Intel struggles to find a way to compete with AMD.  And mostly fails, to be brutally honest.  It's beaten soundly by the 24 core Epyc 7402, and in many cases, by the 16 core Epyc 7302.

    Where the 6-series supports up to four sockets, the 5-series only supports the more common two.  Although the 6226R also only supports two sockets, so there's not a huge difference here.

    In short, it's a much more cost-effective chip from Intel if you're stuck with Intel.  If you're not stuck with Intel and don't need a ton of RAM per sever, there are faster better cheaper options.

Video of the Day

Reassuringly, these things are tiny...  Mostly.  The Spanish dancer, the bright orange swimmy swimmy one in the video, can grow to as much as three feet in length.

Disclaimer: And lots and lots of feet in feet.

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The Media Can Die In A Fire 8 April 2020

Adam Schiff - yeah, that asshole again - wrote a letter to the media:

And then subsequently leaked it to Acting DNI Richard Grenell:

Okay, that one's not real, but it should be.

It's really touching how Cartoon Network is breaking new ground with blind and mentally disabled members of its audience:

As evidence mounts that hydroxychloroquine is a useful treatment for at least some WBSDP patients, NBC desperately seeks a cloud to the silver lining:

Damn those doctors, always butting in where they're not wanted and trying to save people's lives.

Also, unless the virus is also now a tornado, you mean "wracked".

The "Exciting flavours of Wuhan" tweet got taken down, sadly.

This was an unmitigated fuckup, but it was not the media's fuckup.  For once.

Yeah, sure, let's allow a plague ship to dock right by the CBD of Australia's largest city.  And then allow everyone to wander off without any testing or tracking.  What's the worst that could happen?

Meanwhile, Vox are very upset that their media fellows might be required to do their homework.

Yes, they're venal, vapid, and vicious, that goes without saying, but above all else journalists are lazy.

So, before the great dark cloud, this happened:

CBS ran with the modified limited hangout when called on their bulshit by 26,000 people:

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Bad Evil Bots

Blocked just two IP addresses and server load dropped by 95%.

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Tuesday, April 07


Daily News Stuff 7 April 2020

Trolling Popehat Edition

Tech News

  • We have two more Threadripper servers being configured at my day job. 

    I'm going to set them all up as an LXD 4.0 cluster.  We're probably going to need Docker, which is not exactly best friends with LXD, but with LXD 4.0 I can run a full virtual machine and then run Docker inside that.

    72 cores at up to 4.5GHz, 384GB RAM, 45TB of enterprise MLC NVMe SSD, and 48TB of spinning rust across three servers.

    I could have gone for the 3970X, but I don't think we need those extra cores, and the price difference will pay for a nice little dev server - probably a Xeon 2276.

  • Yes, we don't like Fox News.  No, that doesn't mean this lawsuit against them is anything more than goat vomit.  (TechDirt)

    This is why TechDirt remains sort of worth reading.  On the third hand, they note:
    The San Diego article has quite the interview with Arthur West, who runs WASHLITE, and it feels like every word he said is designed to troll Ken "Popehat" White
    Which seems laudable to me.

  • The most 2020 headline ever.  (Tech Crunch)

  • The stupid you will have with you always.  (Tech Crunch)

    In this case it's almost certainly moderately stupid grifters shaking down the truly stupid, but the result is the same.

  • This video will die in 100 days.

  • AMD, could you release another CPU please?  The last one gave me content for days.

  • Crystal 0.34 is out.  (Crystal-Lang)

    Not a lot of language changes; things are getting more stable as they approach 1.0.  They have tidied up some features so that, for example, a case statement will detect whether you are checking all the possible values and refuse to compile if not.  You can include an else condition as a catch-all, but you have to do that explicitly.

    I like Crystal, and I like the direction it's headed in.  I need to catch up on Nim as well and see where that is, because I'd like to be able to deploy to Windows and Crystal won't be there for a while yet.

  • Mochizuki's inter-universal Teichm├╝ller proof has been published.  (

    Mathematicians are still debating whether it actually is a proof, and Mochizuki and Teichm├╝ller themselves aren't being terribly helpful.

    This - if it is validated - would prove the abc conjecture, which would in turn prove a whole bunch of stuff, including a much simpler proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.  (Which has been proven, but is fiendishly complicated.)

  • The hot new game for 2020 is finding a time when your supermarket both has toilet paper in stock and has delivery slots open.

    Right now it's a but not b.  Earlier it was b but not a.

    I went out yesterday - I needed to resupply on antihistamines, because if my allergies started playing up and I was sneezing all the time I wouldn't be able to go out in public - and not only was the toilet paper aisle empty, the toilet paper aisle was gone.  

    Lots and lots of nappies where it would have normally been.  If you're a tiny baby - or elderly and infirm, I suppose - you can continue pooping on your regular schedule.

    I have groceries arriving tomorrow morning between 4 AM and 9 AM, which is a time slot that didn't exist in pre-apocalypse days, though the ETA is between 6:50 and 7:50 which is not entirely insane.  If I get what I ordered or some reasonable facsimile I'll be good for three weeks.

    Food I already have.  There's no shortage of food.  Food is goddamn everywhere.

    Except somehow Easter eggs, but I bought some yesterday so that's okay.

Not Exactly Tech News

Video of the Day

Slow down, you crunch too fast.  You gotta make the exaflops last.

Disclaimer: It's still turtles all the way down, but 85% of them are returning 404.

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The Media Can Die In A Fire 7 April 2020

Suspended on Twitter again - for an entire week - for saying something like the title of this post.

So all the unutterable crap the media spews will be collected here in daily threads for a while.

Starting with this retard:

Aha!  A cheap generic drug, off-patent for decades, but TRUMP has a small number of shares in one of the many manufacturers.  HOLD THE PRESSES WE'VE GOT HIM THIS TIME.

In fact, he doesn't even hold shares in that company.  He has an investment in a mutual fund that holds a small stake in Sanofi.  If hydroxychloroquine turns out the be the cure for Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague and literally saves the world, Trump stands to make dozens of dollars.

Unfortunately being suspended means I can't respond to the fuckwits at NBC in the way they deserve, which would get me suspended anyway.

I hope the cheque for fifty cents cleared before you published that, you worthless sacks of crap.

This is pretty accurate.

Living the Non Non Biyori life in Florida?

From the Department of The Media Doesn't Take Sides, Period, we have this fucker:

Jonathan Turley, however, is proving to be that most endangered of species, an honest liberal:

At some point you have to say, as I did to get myself suspended, that the Washington Post can die in a fire:

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