This accidentally fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes.

Thursday, September 23



Zombie GoG returns, apologises, promises Baldur's Gate, free beer, kittens.


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Wednesday, September 22


Twitter Has Worms

Albeit little ones; they have to fit into 140 characters.  It's an XSS idiot programmer vulnerability.

More verminiferous details at Sophos.

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Monday, September 20


Where Oh Where Has My Little GoG Gone?

DRM-free online game store is now
Dear GOG users,

We have recently had to give serious thought to whether we could really keep the way it is. We've debated on it for quite some time and, unfortunately, we've decided that simply cannot remain in its current form.

We're very grateful for all support we've received from all of you in the past two years. Working on was a great adventure for all of us and an unforgettable journey to the past, through the long and wonderful history of PC gaming.

This doesn't mean the idea behind is gone forever. We're closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await.

On a technical note, this week we'll put in place a solution to allow everyone to re-download their games. Stay tuned to this page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

All the best, Team
Their Twitter stream says:
The official statement from GOG's management about the situation will be announced soon. We'll have more details about this tomorrow.
Speculation is that it's a publicity stunt and they'll be back soon, possibly under a new name.  If that turns out to be true, then it's...  Worst.  Publicity.  Stunt.  Ever.

Update: Smelling more like a stunt by the minute.

Yes, as others have noticed, that there at 0:13 just before the fade is Baldur's Gate.  If they release the Infinity Engine games, I will welcome them back with open arms.  Then punch them in the face.  Then give them my money.  Then probably punch them in the face again.

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Tuesday, September 14


Life In The 21st Century

Or, What I Did On My Weekend, by Pixy Misa, Age 2B16

Caught up on a three-week laundry and ironing backlog, cleaned the kitchen, scoured the Wasteland for wooden tiles, dug out a controller for the genetic analyser for the robot dinosaurs, had a teriyaki chicken fried rice kimchi omelette, went shopping, fought off a network worm that was overloading two of my virtual environments, set a social media indexing server to automatically balance multiple tiers of storage, and listened to a series of radio plays.


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Wednesday, September 08


I Needed That

Plugged my iron into the power strip to iron a shirt so I could go out and buy some more half-price M&Ms and it went POP! (the power strip that is) and blew its internal safety cutout and the kitchen circuit breaker.

The same power strip runs my phone and my modems, so all my internet connections went away.

So I checked everything and powered back on, and now my backup internet connection is running three times as fast as before.

I have no idea why.  And no, I'm not planning to try this again the next time I have connectivity problems.

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Thunking Out Loud

About a year ago, when I frequently found myself working through the night doing system maintenance, I signed up for three online games: Billy vs. Snakeman, Tribal Wars, and some fantasy role-playing game whose name escapes me.

Within a few weeks I abandoned two of them.  Tribal Wars because it's a zero-sum game: Beyond a certain point you can only advance by destroying other players and ruining their day.  And the forgotten FRPG because it was kind of dull - not only did you not have to worry about being wiped out by other players, you hardly even had contact with them.

Billy (as it is known) I am still playing daily after a year.


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Tuesday, September 07


Australian Election Update, Tuesday August 38st

Does Australia ha-

Apparently, yes.

Final score of 76-74, with the balance of power controlled by three five seventy-six one hundred and fifty rambling self-important nitwits.

So...  Business as usual, I guess.

I expect this government will be about as stable as one of those strange new transuranic elements that they haven't even bothered giving a name to yet.

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Monday, September 06


From The Cities FAQ

Q: If I draw a Clock and a 13 of Entropy, can I play the Clock to loop the Entropy?  Will this actually net me negative entropy on regular challenges?

A: Yes.

Since cards group, and Flux cards force inversion on adjacent lower-order Fluxes of the same suit, there is no unmodified hand that can result in negative entropy.  With a looped E13, however, the two Entropy cards match and no inversion is forced, for a net benefit of 26, which means a net negative entropy on regular challenges during Books 1 and 2.

The downside is that all looped hands are classed as Temporal Anomalies and draw Paradox cards to your deck.  This means your hand will be stable for at most 13 turns before a forced discard.  (Looped teams are TAs too, but are stable until a Paradox specifically breaks the team.)

To truly mess things up, though, you need to draw a Time card and the 13 of Chaos to a Book 3 hand, loop the Chaos, and perform an Inverse World Foul.  Done correctly, this will leave every Book 1 and 2 player outside your own state trapped in a Negentropic Paradox Loop until the end of the current cycle.

I'm working on a design for an online game.  Think of it as Contract Bridge crossed with Go crossed with Mornington Crescent.  It's called Cities.

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Sunday, September 05



I am now signed up on my ISP's new 1TB plan, after realising that it is actually 20% cheaper than my old plan.

So...  Is there anything worth downloading?

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Friday, September 03


Ninja Zombie Pirate What?

The Times Table

The Addendum to the Times Table

The Apocrypha to the Times Table

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