They are my oldest and deadliest enemy. You cannot trust them.
If Hitler invaded Hell, I would give a favourable reference to the Devil.

Wednesday, July 25


Mole Of Moles

Essential reading.

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Tuesday, July 24


I Can Hear My Wallet Deflating As I Type

Lord of the Rings Lego.

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Sunday, July 22



To fill the void left by the unexpected and tragic death of Terraria:

Important bit:
To give us this modding flexibility, the game's content scripts are Python code, which is a scripting language that can handle real game logic. We've exposed the entire game engine to Python, which means that new content can make meaningful and unique changes to gameplay. The base game content is also a mod itself, so it is fully accessible to anyone who wants to view and modify it.
Yay!  Though I would have been happy with Lua.

Ten bucks to pre-order the game. If it turns out anything like Terraria, it will eat your life be perhaps the best ten bucks you've ever spent.

And while you're at it, there's also Star Command, already available for on its way to iWidgets and Androids, now coming to PC and Mac:

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Saturday, July 21


Proves The Rule, I Guess...

If you want comments on your site, post something wrong.

Anyway, to those who haven't visited before: Welcome, and yes, I know that WWI was basically a family feud among Queen Victoria's grandchildren, and that The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact would be a good name for a rock band.

Ancient Chinese history I'm less reliable on, so if you want to take up a discussion of the Yellow Turban Rebellion in my comments, go right ahead.

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Friday, July 20


History's Bloodiest Wars And Who To Blame

A helpful guide.

Rank Name Aggressor Victim How Many
1 World War II Germany, Japan,
sundry others
best forgotten
Everyone else 40 million+
2 An Lushan Rebellion China China 33 million*
3 Mongol Invasions Mongols Everyone else 30 million**
4 Yuan Dynasty Collapse China China 30 million
5 Ming Dynasty China China 25 million
6 Taiping Rebellion China China 20 million
7 World War I Germany,
Ottoman Empire,
Influenza Virus
Everyone else 15-65 million
8 Tamerlane's Conquests Tamerlane Human decency 15 million
9 Dungan Revolt China China 8 million
10 Russian Revolution Filthy Commies Anastasia,
sound agricultural
5 million

* This single 8th century civil war is estimated to have killed 15% of the population of the entire planet.***
** The mongols, by contrast, only wiped out about 10% of the people in the world. Even WWI and the Spanish Flu together couldn't break into double digits.
*** As reader Ray points out, this number may be slightly exaggerated.

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Wednesday, July 18


Warlock 1.2: Warlockier

When I reviewed Warlock: Master of the Arcane a few weeks ago, I noted that while technically sound, it lacked a lot of the features of the classic Master of Magic and ended up with gameplay that seemed somewhat shallow in comparison.

A couple of the features I missed most were heroes and artifacts - Warlock had no unique units or magic items, although with a bit of work you could buff up your elite troops to near-hero level.

I say had advisedly, because the free 1.2 update introduces both heroes and artifacts, as well as better diplomacy and a host of small added features, bugfixes, and tweaks.  I'll give it a try when I have some time and report back on how the game has progressed.

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My Little Zombie Can't Be This Cute


What?  No, I mean seriously, what?  Spectacularly uneven show, a mishmash of romantic comedy, slapstick comedy, drama, tragedy, horror, harem, and fanservice.  While it pulls off most of the individual elements pretty well, the whole is about as cohesive as a sack full of angry raccoons.

And worse, while it's clear that no-one involved had any idea where the story was headed, the events within the story are tiresomely predictable.

On the balance, I rate it two little zombie kitties out of four.

My usual sources, THAT and Sea Slugs, didn't touch this one, but Random Curiosity provided full (and warning, spoiler-laden) coverage.

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Sunday, July 15


Cute Pandemic

A trap in full gothloli costume gazing rapturously up at an industrial rice polisher?  Moyashimon has Returned.
Um, yeah.  I dunno.

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Gender Blender

Kokoro Connect.  This is the one that looks just like K-On! only with boys* as opposed to Tari Tari, the one that sounds just like K-On! only not with boys.

First episode was pretty good.  If it continues this way, as a character-driven series circling around the McGuffin, it could be a standout, because the characters are generally quite engaging.

Music and animation are decent enough, if unremarkable.  The character designs are fine, as are the voices, particularly Miyuki Sawashiro as Inaba.  (She played Celty in Durarara!! and the landlady in Hidamari, so it's another unexpected but oddly perfect voice in the line of last season's girl-shaped space bee.)

So I'll be watching this one - assuming I don't end up dead again, which is not a given.

Now, when does Moyashimon Chronic start?  Huh, Miyuki has a role in that too.  Wait, it's already on?  Why does no-one tell me these things?!

Episode 2 Update: Huh.  It did an Immelman Turn when I was expecting it to zig.  Interesting, though.

* Some.**
** Sometimes.***
*** Probably. 

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Friday, July 13


Say Hello, Hororo!

Ooh, sandwichies!

Um, Hororo?


Hororo is our new Sydney-based VPS, which I've just deployed to host the alpha test of Minx 1.2.  Or she will be, once I extract her from my lunch.

Anyone there?

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