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Thursday, November 30


Daily News Stuff 30 November 2023

Be Fruitful And Multiply Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • BBC Basic is back in a big way.  (Hackaday)

    The new version runs on Windows, Mac, Linux (including Raspberry Pi), Android, and iOS.  It supports up to 256MB of memory, which isn't that much these days but I don't even want to think about a Basic program that would need more than that.

    You can download it...  Well, you can't.  Site's down.

  • Dollar Tree was affected by a data breach and information including social security numbers for two million people was stolen.  (Bleeping Computer)

    You might ask why Dollar Tree was keeping social security numbers of two million people, and the answer turns out to be, it wasn't.

    The service provider handling Dollar Tree's payroll got hacked, and Dollar Tree's staff were among the two million people affected.

  • Inside of you there are two sciences.  (Nature)

    One is being destroyed from within by socialism and incompetence.

    The other has already been destroyed by socialism and incompetence.

    You might want to consider an enema.

Disclaimer: Duck.

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Wednesday, November 29


Daily News Stuff 29 November 2023

Cocoa Banana Edition

Top Story

  • The Google Play Store keeps banning a third-party web browser.  (Ars Technica)

    Not because Google hates third-party web browsers, but because this web browser keeps getting hit by nonsensical DMCA takedown notices.

    Like it containing "Properties of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc." when you load the Warner Bros. web site.  Which is kind of what a web browser does.

    I have a sneaking suspicion why this particular browser is getting hit: It integrates a file explorer, and is called Downloader.

Tech News

Disclaimer: MongoDB is web scale.

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Tuesday, November 28


Daily News Stuff 28 November 2023

All The Ti In China Edition

Top Story

  • A land grab is under way in Australia for lithium mining rights.  (Financial Times)

    For the most part it's major Australian companies blocking foreign takeovers of lithium mining startups.

    Despite a collapse in lithium prices, sales by Australia quadrupled in the first half of this year compared with 2022.  All by itself that generated a 1% annual growth in Australia's GDP.

Tech News

Disclaimer: If you're going to make fake AI personas, do something believable like a talking duck.

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Monday, November 27


Daily News Stuff 27 November 2023

The Bat Came Back Edition

Top Story

  • While Americans are slowly waking up from their food comas, those crafty Chinese are preparing to start manufacturing 5nm chips...  Sort of.  (WCCFTech)

    China has been banned from buying the machines to make chips below the 14nm node.  They can make 12nm chips because 12nm is really just a tweaked version of 14nm.  And they can make 7nm via a technique called double-patterning, which was used before EUV technology (extreme ultra-violet) made direct 7nm and smaller nodes possible.

    Double-patterning is expensive and fussy and wrecks your yield - the percentage of good chips you get from a wafer - but it does work.

    To get 5nm they would need to go to quad patterning, which is also a proven technology but even more expensive and a whole lot fussier, and the resulting yields would be in the toilet.

    China can build its own machines, but to do so it will first need to build the machines for that, and currently it lacks the machines to build those machines.  It's very complicated and requires incredible precision, and there really isn't any way to rush it.

Tech News

  • Beej's Gude to Interprocess Communication.  (

    It's amazing how little this stuff has change since I was a baby programmer logging on to my first Unix system.

  • So Cyber Monday is here, and with it lots of amazing computer deals like...

    Nothing, really.  I mean, the 4TB Samsung 990 Pro can be found for $250, but that was already true.

    I got some cutlery and a fancy slow cooker.  I bought a cheap Kmart slow cooker when I moved to a colder climate last year, and I use it all the time.  This new one is bigger and has a timer and a temperature probe, and can allegedly roast an entire chicken.

    I'll give that a try because it's not something I bother with very often because I hate cleaning the oven.  With a slow cooker you can just put the cooking pot and the lid in the dishwasher and forget about it.

Disclaimer: How many programmers does it take to clean an oven?  None, that's a hardware problem.

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Sunday, November 26


Daily News Stuff 26 November 2023

Trigger Words Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: Burp.

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Saturday, November 25


Daily News Stuff 25 November 2023

Istanbul Is Constantinople Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Researchers have bypassed Windows Hello secure logins.  (Bleeping Computer)

    All they needed to do was (checks notes) completely disassemble and rewire the laptop.

    Windows Hello is designed to be secure even if you do that, but that's a pretty difficult task when your partners building the CPUs, laptops, and fingerprint scanners fail to follow the specs.

  • AMD's Ryzen 8000 laptop chips are expected to be announced early next year, likely at CES.  (WCCFTech)

    These are a major advance over the already very good Ryzen 7000 chips.  Although they still use Zen 4 cores, and are still limited to 8 cores, and still use RDNA3 graphics, and still only 12 graphics cores, and are still limited to DDR5 memory, and...

    Wait, these aren't an advance at all.  These are the same chips with the numbers changed.

Disclaimer: Stand back!  I have a five pound pork roast and I'm not afraid to use it!

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Friday, November 24


Daily News Stuff 24 November 2023

Natural Turkey Extract Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: Hans, get the flammenwerfer.

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Thursday, November 23


Daily News Stuff 23 November 2023

Bleh Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

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Wednesday, November 22


Daily News Stuff 22 November 2023

Per Astra Ad Aspera Edition

Top Story

  • The DOJ has apparently succeeded in shaking down Binance for $4 billion.  (Wall Street Journal)  (archive site)

    The fines will settle civil liabilities over violating US financial sanctions in allowing people to transfer imaginary money over the internet, and CEO Changpeng Zhao will plead guilty to one criminal charge and - since he's not a Republican - probably get off with probation.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Scum-Sucking Pigs WBAGNFARB.

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Tuesday, November 21


Daily News Stuff 21 November 2023

You Don't Hate Journalists Enough Edition

Top Story

  • Elon Musk went nuclear on Media Matters.  (Tech Crunch)

    The article tries do pretend this didn't happen, because as the saying goes You don't hate journalists enough.  You think you do, but you don't.

    Media Matters ran a shock exposé showing that Twitter ran ads against extremist content, leading to a flight of major advertisers.

    The only problem is, Twitter was watching while they did this.

    What they did was create a new account and:

    1. Follow every Nazi meme account they could found (which was not many).
    2. Follow the major advertising brands they wanted to scare away from Twitter.
    3. Sit there hitting refresh over and over until they got the screenshot they wanted.

    Only problem with that is that Twitter logged everything they did and can show that the only account in the world that saw those ads on those tweets was Media Matters, because they spent an entire day setting things up to get that result.

    Does Tech Crunch tell you that?  No.

    Does The Register tell you that?  No.

    Does Ars Technica tell you that?  No.

    They're all-in on censorship.

  • Oh, and the Texas Attorney General has announced a criminal investigation into Media Matters conduct.  (MSN)

    You don't hate journalists enough - but maybe Ken Paxton does.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I'm not sure I ever did care, to be honest.

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