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Daily News Stuff 15 November 2020

Too True To Be Good Edition

Tech News

  • Okay, my test run on the dev server with everything enabled is four hours, not two.  Still down from ten hours, and no longer overloads the I/O or causes odd latency spikes towards the end of the run.

    On the bigger server the performance curve is nice and flat.  The first 50,000 messages pushed through the system averaged 5ms each, and at the 5,000,000 mark it's averaging 8.6ms.

    So that's good to go as far as I'm concerned and I can focus entirely on the UI.

    Using ZFS with Gzip does put a fair amount of load on the CPU, though the advantage is less I/O and significantly smaller databases (which in turn means that the Linux filesystem cache can hold more data).  So when it's time to give this a dedicated server I'll be looking for something with plenty of CPU.  Fortunately that's pretty cheap these days; going from 6 cores to 10 adds about $25 per month.

    I used Vultr for this testing.  It cost me $7.68 to get a dedicated server for two days, and while I just used their default Ubuntu 20.04 setup in this case, you can manually install any Linux distro.  Very handy for ZFS because otherwise you have to add SAN storage at extra cost or jump through hoops resizing your root volume.

  • Apple locked down networking in the Big Sur MacOS update so that users can no longer control it.


    Ijits gonna ij.

  • Russian and North Korean state-sponsored hackers are targeting Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague vaccine makers.  (ZDNet)

    That's an act of war.

  • Amazon has recalled 350,000 Ring doorbells because they, uh, catch fire.  (People)

    That's a pretty neat trick for a fucking doorbell.

  • The Fascist People's Front - a.k.a. the American news media - are attacking YouTube for not censoring people in a sufficiently arbitrary way.  (NBC News)
    "Is YouTube unable to contend with this material, meaning they lack resources? Or is it a lack of will?" asked Sarah Roberts, co-director of UCLA's Center for Critical Internet Inquiry.  "Can't we just line them up against the wall and, well, you know?"
    I may have embellished that last sentence slightly.

    Fourteen days to flatten the election result.

  • Five separate HoloEn Minecraft streams this weekend.  Sure, it doesn't compare with the best television ever made, but it's better than 99.5% of it.

    I cancelled my Netflix subscription not as a political protest - this happened a while ago - but because I spent as much time searching for something worth watching as I did actually watching.

    I still have my Animelab subscription, and I'll be keeping that.

    Also I have new desktop wallpaper.

Disclaimer: Spider spider spider spider spider spider.

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1 The article says "when installed with the incorrect screws" and leaves it at that.
Which raises the question of whether Amazon's supplying the wrong screws or people are just using their own or what.  Couldn't be bothered to tell us that, though.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, November 16 2020 05:44 AM (eqaFC)

2 Fair point about the reporting. That said, I'm not sure that "use the correct screws OR I'LL BURN YOUR F***ING HOUSE DOWN" is the kind of attitude I want from my doorbell regardless.

Posted by: benzeen at Monday, November 16 2020 11:56 AM (JpDcM)

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