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Daily News Stuff 29 November 2020

Ow Fuck Ow Edition

Tech News

We're An Idol Group Like AKB48 Part One Video of the Day

That's the official trailer for the upcoming Hololive live concert.

We're An Idol Group Like AKB48 Part Two Video of the Day

Couple of notes: 

Coco is officially listed as 180cm (5'11") and Marine at 150cm (4'11").  Those are the heights of the characters, but they have to be pretty close to the height of the actress because they're using live 3D motion capture here.  So the height disparity is real.

Second...  Where was I going, oh, right.  They wear an earpiece while doing these 3D routines so they can get instructions from the director without interrupting the session.  Apparently Coco was being told the entire time to tone it down.

Scientific Interest Video of the Day

The complete Coco / Marine Live 3D Performance.

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1 Wotacism ith almotht ath bad ath having a lithp.  (the Greeks also had the term Etacism for people who mispronounced eta)

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