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Sunday, July 19


It's Still True

"In any group of four or more cute girls, one of them must be a meganeko. It is required. One hyperactive, one ditz, one practical, and one shy meganeko. It's like quarks."

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Naked Naughty Admiral Chicks 'R' Us Part Twelve: Return Of The Revenge Of The Catgirls

Last time I asked for recommendations for recent moeblob shows, and ended up watching Gurren Lagann, which was awesome.

And also Hidamari Sketch (both seasons), which was also awesome, and definitely moeblob material.

So this time I'm looking for an (awesome) action series, with lots of running about and fighting and things blowing up.  And I've already seen Black Lagoon.

Oh, the title?  Well, Firefrog remembers things you've typed into form fields, and when I started typing "New Recommendation Request", as soon as I hit "n" the first part of that title came up.  (SFW, alas.)

Update: I was going to watch Sketchbook Full Color Apostrophes, but apparently I already did.  Huh.  My mind must be going, because I'd completely forgotten that.

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Saturday, July 18


Nearly Nearly There

Just rolled the remaining sites off Aoi, the old mee.nu server (mostly system stuff, like the core smilies and images directories).  Naturally, this caused a DNS glitch. neutral

Now I just need to recreate the backup directory and dump a terabyte of stuff on there.

Then install the new mu.nu spam filter, fix Fantastico, fix the font library in Minx, deliver the new search engine at my day job, clean the house, and uproot the garden.  Heck, I've got all weekend, no problem!

Update: By the way, current active servers are Nabiki (mee.nu database), Akari (mu.nu), Azusa (additional blogs), Kodachi (forums), Linilin (mee.nu front end), Pink (mee.nu backend), Sayuri (core sites and email), Kiema (Ace's new comments thingy, a very early version of Minx) and Mikan (backups).  Next up are Kasumi (database replication), Ukyo (search) and Nodoka (Urchin stats).  Oh, and probably Rouge so I can get the mee.nu CDN up and running.

Update: The transfer of the old backups is proceeding well, about 10 million files done so far.  The progress report of the transfer is over 1GB.

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Friday, July 17



Our latest project is nearly finished.  Possibly one more track, and some minor tweaking.  Then I'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks (from composing, anyway), before returning with Summer Theologica.

Our previous release was Winter Collection.


Side A - Cities

1. City of Light
2. City of Dreams
3. City of Shadows
4. City of Fire

Side B - Fashionable Nonsense

5. Bioarrhythmia
6. Signs & Portents
7. Unsure Thing

Side C - Life On Hold

8. Waiting Game
9. Empty Rooms
10. Lost Chances

Side D - Nonsensical Fashions

11. Crushed Velvet Underground
12. Deaf Leopardskin
13. Deep Mauve


Disk 2 Side A - Revolutionary Leaflets Everywhere

1. Geosynchronicity
2. Facts & Fallacies
3. Certainty Principle

Disk 2 Side B - Pet Crematorium (in production)

4. Hamster Love


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One Last Outage - Around 1AM CDT

Today's outage is proudly brought to you by Adaptec - "The number one name in overpriced RAID controllers with crappy firmware" - and Western Digital - "Our drives are so tough they eat other disk drives!  Also, your data."

This is to replace the insane drive and wipe and rebuild the corrupted RAID-5 volume.  Should be about 15 minutes.  Once it's done, everything should be good - we have a RAID-5 array and a RAID-1 array and an enterprise SSD for the databases.  What could possibly go wrong?


No, thanks, I don't want a list.

Update: DONE!

Update: And for some bizarre reason, after the maintenance was done and I'd made sure everything was working correctly, the networking went notworking.  Bleh.

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If anyone's interested in playing a silly online ninja game, Turtle Village needs you!


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Thursday, July 16


No Sugar For You!

Darn.  They've run out of Acer EasyStores.  I had assumed that they were selling off the old model cheap, and that appears to have been the case.

I got Pepper and Salt, but it doesn't look like there'll be a Sugar.

Or at least, not a sugar cube.

They do have a new Intel storage appliance that's not much more expensive and looks a lot better on paper - it has a 1.6GHz Celeron instead of a 500MHz ARM, 512MB of memory (upgradeable to 1GB) instead of just 128MB, and offers eSATA and USB as well as the four internal SATA bays.  But it doesn't look as nice and it's quite literally twice the size.

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Another Day, Another Server

Today it's Sayuri, part 16 of the mu.nu take-over-the-world-by-overloading-it-with-virtual-servers brigade.

And here goes my fourth attempt to install CPanel on it.  Been one of those evenings.

Update: Good thing there's no limit on install attempts...  1. Oops, started it, then realised it would take a long time and I needed to take my notebook to work with me.  2. Notebook needed rebooting.  3. Tsunami-related network droput.  4.  Had kmemsize set to 10000000 instead of 100000000, which didn't work too well, or indeed, at all.  Now starting attempt 5.

Update: 5. CPanel installer went insane.  Apparently demanding to be flown to Costa Rica.  Starting attempt 6.

Update 6: Manual pre-install setup of CPAN (not CPanel) fixed the Costa Rica Question.

Update 7: No it didn't.  I fucking HATE the CPanel installer.

Update 43: Despise the CPanel installer.  LOATHE it.  If you get their custom Perl installer, and run that first, and ignore the reams of warnings and errors, and then run the CPanel installer, and ignore the reams of warnings and errors, then maybe it works.  We'll see.

Update 59: Shot Sayuri through the gills.  It just wasn't working right, so I decided to try a 32-bit install, which is better supported than 64-bit.  Then I realised that I needed Sayuri to be a 32-bit environment to run Minx, so I needed to reinstall anyway.

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Wednesday, July 15


It's Been Nice Knowing You

Sydney is going to be hit by a tsunami in about half an hour's time.

For reals.

Okay, it's only a little one, and I'm fifteen miles inland and six hundred feet up, but still...

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Planned Outage 14th / 15th July

We'll be down for about 15 minutes at midnight PDT / 3AM EDT to migrate to the new disk array.

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