Saturday, July 18


Nearly Nearly There

Just rolled the remaining sites off Aoi, the old server (mostly system stuff, like the core smilies and images directories).  Naturally, this caused a DNS glitch. neutral

Now I just need to recreate the backup directory and dump a terabyte of stuff on there.

Then install the new spam filter, fix Fantastico, fix the font library in Minx, deliver the new search engine at my day job, clean the house, and uproot the garden.  Heck, I've got all weekend, no problem!

Update: By the way, current active servers are Nabiki ( database), Akari (, Azusa (additional blogs), Kodachi (forums), Linilin ( front end), Pink ( backend), Sayuri (core sites and email), Kiema (Ace's new comments thingy, a very early version of Minx) and Mikan (backups).  Next up are Kasumi (database replication), Ukyo (search) and Nodoka (Urchin stats).  Oh, and probably Rouge so I can get the CDN up and running.

Update: The transfer of the old backups is proceeding well, about 10 million files done so far.  The progress report of the transfer is over 1GB.

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