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Winter Collection

I know not much has been heard from the Electric Ant Orchestra in the last couple of years, but we're still alive, still making music in our own weird way.  And here for your enjoyment (or otherwise) is our latest album, Winter Collection.

Winter Collection

13 tracks, 40:34
46,940kb zip

Side A - View from a Cloudy Window

1. Escapement
2. Counterpane
3. Intermezzo
4. Antebellum

Side B - Problem Child

5. Theme from Problem Child
6. Problematic
7. Problem Child's Problems

Side C - Shapeshifter

Recorded live at The Scythe nightclub, Sydney, June 2009.

8. Dark Patterns
9. Brilliant Shadows
10. Shapeshifter

Side D - Linden Hill

11. Theme from Linden Hill
12. Linden Nights
13. Linden Dawn

Bonus Tracks

4 tracks, 12:04
14,050kb zip

Disk 2 Side A - Ragamuffin Tea Party (with Axiolotl)

1. High Tea
2. Cucumber Marmalade
3. Five Sugars
4. Stewed Peaches

Tracks arranged using Acid Music Studio, Acid Pro, Cinescore, and Sound Forge Studio.  Arrangements copyright © 2009 Andrew Maizels. The Electric Ant Orchestra is currently appearing live at The Scythe alternate Fridays.

Update: Fixed the problem with some missing ID3 tags, and because you've all been good, added some bonus tracks.  Now I'll need to re-upload the zip file, so hold off on downloading that for a few minutes....  Okay, good to go!

Update: I think I might excise the tea party now that I have enough other tracks.  That would make for a more cohesive - albeit short - album.  I'll still leave all the tracks available for download, of course; just that the canonical Winter Collection will probably become the present former tracks 1-7 and 12-17.

Update: Yeah, that's just what I'll do.

Update: Okay, putting the side names in the album titles really messes up iTunes, so I've tooken them out, and I'm, yes, uploading again.

Aside: Axiolotl is a Japanese/Jewish fusion band that often performs live with The Electric Ant Orchestra.  In the studio we'll layer the instruments and vocals one at a time for the more complex compositions.  On stage that doesn't work so well, and we've found that the talents of Axiolotl fill the gap nicely.  Ragamuffin Tea Party was something I put together more in Axiolotl's usual style.

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1 So, are the older EAO works downloadable somewhere?

Posted by: dkallen99 at Friday, June 26 2009 02:03 AM (1PFDl)

2 They'll be back up soon; I'm just adjusting the mixes on some tracks to fix some clipping problems.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, June 26 2009 11:46 AM (PiXy!)

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