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Our latest project is nearly finished.  Possibly one more track, and some minor tweaking.  Then I'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks (from composing, anyway), before returning with Summer Theologica.

Our previous release was Winter Collection.


Side A - Cities

1. City of Light
2. City of Dreams
3. City of Shadows
4. City of Fire

Side B - Fashionable Nonsense

5. Bioarrhythmia
6. Signs & Portents
7. Unsure Thing

Side C - Life On Hold

8. Waiting Game
9. Empty Rooms
10. Lost Chances

Side D - Nonsensical Fashions

11. Crushed Velvet Underground
12. Deaf Leopardskin
13. Deep Mauve


Disk 2 Side A - Revolutionary Leaflets Everywhere

1. Geosynchronicity
2. Facts & Fallacies
3. Certainty Principle

Disk 2 Side B - Pet Crematorium (in production)

4. Hamster Love

Update: Fixed so you can actually download and listen to stuff.

Update 2: New mix of Bioarrhythmia and a much better title for track #6.

Update 3: I knew we'd used that beat before.  It was in one verse of Scorpion Sunday, a track dropped from the released (short) version of Return of the Return of the Electric Ant.  From, like 200mumble.

Update 4: And yes, that's a nod to Stir-Fried Grasshopper.

Update 5: Bumped to highlight Fashionable Nonsense to anyone who missed it and to include a tweaked version of Signs & Portents (the so-called "doo doo" mix, for reasons that would be apparent if you had the two to compare side-by-side...)  Hope to get sides C & D up by the end of the week, and then the bonus tracks the following week.  Next month we'll be working on part three of our 10th anniversary series: Summer Theologica.

Update 6: For completists, the full Electric Ant Orchestra discography:

Crunchy Frog Blues (re-release soon) (2001)
Dance Dance Kitten (out of print) (2002)
What Dance Dance Kitten Did On Her Holiday (re-release soon) (2003)
Dance Dance Kitten In Love (out of print) (2004)
Kitten Nation (out of print) (2005)
Return of the Return of the Electric Ant (re-release soon) (2006)
The Bitznpieces Empire (re-release soon) (2007)
Winter Collection (available now) (2009)
SemiAutumnatic (in production) (2009)
Summer Theologica (August 2009)
Right of Spring (September 2009)

Update 7: Didn't go in to work today, still trying to shake off my cold.  I took a couple of hours out from my busy schedule of sleeping and sniffling to put up side C - Life On Hold.  Make of that what you will.

Update 8: It occurs to me that at some point I'll need to produce an album with Axiolotl.  Now, with the EAO I have a lot of leeway, because they're an eclectic electronica/dance/jazz/pop group who enthusastically raid whatever musical motifs they come across.  But Axiolotl are a classically-trained Japanese/Jewish fusion band, and their sound is not so much eclectic as unique.  This may take some doing.

Update 9: Oops, forgot a track.  Empty Rooms up now.

Update 10: Some minor tweaks and Crushed Velvet Underground uploaded.

Update 11: Deaf Leopardskin is up.  That leaves just Deep Mauve and the extras (which are remixes of existing tracks).

Update 12: More stuffs!

Tracks arranged using Acid Music Studio, Acid Pro, Cinescore, and Sound Forge Studio.  Arrangements copyright © 2009 Andrew Maizels. The Electric Ant Orchestra is still appearing live at The Scythe alternate Fridays, so get your tickets now.  Do not feed your potato-cats after midnight, and never, ever, get them wet.  All 'facts' subject to arbitrary revision at any time.

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1 Pixy, Ace has been getting hammered by spam the last few days.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Monday, July 13 2009 03:42 AM (+rSRq)

2 Yeah, the spammers have gone nuts.  I need to clean up and ban IPs again.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 13 2009 11:33 AM (PiXy!)

3 Banned a stack of IPs and deleted 180,000 comments.  Bleh.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 13 2009 12:28 PM (PiXy!)

4 Bad news; Ace is still getting hammered. Take a look at his "recent comments" sidebar. Lots of "replica watches" and "royalmewigs" and "powerleveling".

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Monday, July 13 2009 01:58 PM (+rSRq)

5 I'll be doing some more cleanup, but the sidebar on Ace's current blog doesn't rebuild dynamically, so that's a snapshot as at the last post.

Really need to get him over to Minx.  If the damn servers would just stop exploding for a week or two..

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 13 2009 02:47 PM (PiXy!)

6 OK, fair enough. Sorry for kibitzing.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Monday, July 13 2009 03:29 PM (+rSRq)

7 No problem.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 13 2009 03:37 PM (PiXy!)

8 How did these comments (from 7/13) end up on this new post?

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Saturday, July 18 2009 02:00 AM (+rSRq)

9 I suspect it's not new but a bump.

Posted by: Will at Saturday, July 18 2009 02:20 AM (WnBa/)

10 Ah, that makes sense.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Saturday, July 18 2009 03:06 AM (+rSRq)

11 Yep, I've been adding tracks since the original post, so I bumped it.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, July 18 2009 10:22 AM (PiXy!)

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