Saturday, April 09


Dragon Age II, A Possibly Unfair Review But I Don't Care

As I mentioned before, the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion is narratively broken and not any real expansion on the original game.

Dragon Age II turns out to be...  Average.  Perhaps on the good side of average.  But Dragon Age: Origins is close to great, and I'm just not interested in average right now.

The characters are bland.  Despite the fact that you have a much smaller choice of main characters - so that your speech is fully voiced, unlike the first game - you somehow end up less expressive.

The background graphics are noticeably more detailed and smoother, but at the same time many of the characters are more cartoonish.  And the camera angles for some of the dialogue scenes are laughably bad.

Also, the user interface designer needs to be punched in the face.  The old user interface wasn't perfect, but it was functional and the design fit the game.  The new interface is strikingly ill-suited to the game; everything about it is jarring.

I've only spent a few hours playing it, but that's enough.  It seems like an adequate game, but it's a console game, not a PC game, made of shallowness and flash rather than narrative depth.

Dragon Age II is Final Fantasy X-2 to Dragon Age: Origins' Final Fantasy X.  There are worse things you can be, but that's still not a good thing.

Actually, it lacks X-2's exuberant silliness, so it's not even that.

Not recommended.

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