Thursday, March 30


Daily News Stuff 30 March 2023

Tiktokapotamus Edition

Top Story

  • US government efforts to ban communist spy and propaganda application TikTok have been stalled by...  Senator Rand Paul.  (Reuters)

    Senator Paul is just being his usual contrarian self and there is nothing at all to worry about in the comfortingly-named RESTRICT Act.  

    Let's see...  First born child, uh huh.  Plagues of blood, okay.  A fire upon the deep, makes sense.  Demons from the Ninth Circle of Hell eating your liver, yep.

    Everything is totally above board here and there is nothing to worry about and the government is not trying to shove through an unprecedented and violently unconstitutional infringement of civil rights under the pretext of fighting those filthy commies blinkblinkblink blink-blink-blink blinkblinkblink

Tech News

Louis Rossman Ranting About That RESTRICT Act Video of the Day

$1 million fines and 20 year penalties for secret crimes.

Yeah, this is fine.

Disclaimer: IT IS NOT FINE!

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