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  • It's time for Hololive's annual stage show and my YouTube and Reddit feeds have gone from being 90/10 Hololive/everything else to the reverse.

    Should have my Minecraft fix back soon.  In fact, I think there's something in the Pikamee queue for me to watch.

  • The Ryzen 5800X is 70-80% faster than the 1800X.  (WCCFTech)

    That's not too bad for three years.  It's a combination of IPC increases, better multi-threading, and clock speed improvements.

    On the other hand, power consumption increased from 95W to 105W.

  • The upload is coming from inside the takedown notice.  (TorrentFreak)

    More precisely, YouTube got hit with a class-action lawsuit from Hungary over movie clips uploaded from Pakistan - but then one of these Pakastani users logged into their YouTube account from Hungary, using the same IP address as was used to file a DMCA complaint.


  • On March 1 February didn't end, a Space X prototype very much did, Tomcat got hacked, and the WHO finally noticed Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague.

  • On March 2 conference cancellations widened, toilet paper vanished, and Amazon banned a million products but still knowingly sells fake flash storage.

  • On March 3 Reuters reported Governor Cuomo as New York's first WBSDP case - because grammar is hard, the WHO said don't call it Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague, and Datastax acquired The Last Pickle, in case you were wondering why the jar was empty.

  • On March 4 we took our first look at Altra's Ampere 8-core Arm server processors, it was aliens, and let's Encrypt revoked three million SSL certificates.

  • On March 5 Doctor Who self-destructed, YouTube took down a YouTube video explaining YouTube's takedown process, and CBS filed DMCA takedown notices against three presidential candidates' own speeches.

  • On March 6 security to the toilet paper aisle, a truckload of toilet paper crashed and caught fire in Brisbane, a Toowoomba family discovered that accidentally ordering 2000 rolls online wasn't so unfortunate after all, and Twitter banned comparing people to animals as unfair to animals.

  • On March 7 researchers found a side-channel attack that worked on AMD chips rather than Intel - though it was apparently patched before the paper was published, and also found a bug in all recent Intel chips that was impossible to patch but required physical access to exploit.

  • On March 8 the SpaceX that launched a thousand ships, stop fussing about with event loops when you have infinite memory, and the case of the disappearing MacBook port.

  • On March 9 IBM's X15 processor was announced with over 1GB of cache, Australia's privacy regulator sued Facebook, and K-On! broke up.

  • On March 10 Arm servers happened, a $100 laptop happened, Intel 10th gen sort of happened, and don't use free VPNs.

  • On March 11 my groceries arrived safely - a trend that would not become familiar as the year went on, Ryzen 4000 laptops started to show up before seeing their shadow and disappearing again, and Nvidia's streaming service died even more.

  • On March 12 I got all the Crusader Kings II DLC and have not had time to play it since, your personal information is worth about a dollar, and your light bulbs got EOLed.

  • On March 13 we avoided " 's glorkum pass harmlessly through the shade" for weaponless mon, Linked appealed a court ruling that public data posted publicly on a public website was public, Amazon fucked Elasticsearch up even more than it already was - somehow, and how not to clean your phone.

  • On March 14 AMD rubbed salt into Intel's wounds, a trend that would become very familiar as the year went on, the usual suspects did that the usual suspects do, Visual Basic came to an end, and all the Apple stores closed.

  • On March 15 we got WSL2, Pokemon Go went, or rather, didn't, and Oracle screwed themselves.

  • On March 16 grocery deliveries stopped entirely across Australia, forcing people to go to the supermarket in person, because that would make everything better, Google launched the corona-screening site it had loudly asserted it was not developing just a day earlier, and Microsoft announced the Xxxx Xxxxxx X.

  • On March 17 I watched Eureka and proclaimed it good, and the Library of Congress acquired leprosy.  Or something.

  • On March 18 we were offered a choice of walnut or white oak, 3D-printing ventilator valves for fun and profit, and all([ ]) is true.

  • On March 19 Ethereum sucked, the Aussie dollar cratered (it is feeling much better, thanks), Sony announced the PlayStation 5, Facebook blocked the New York Times, and the hydroxychloroquine saga began in earnest.

  • On March 20 AWS was fookin' expensive, Twitter jumped feet-first into being the arbiter of truth, and we all ditched Adobe.

  • On March 21 Twitter suspended arch-conservative Cory Doctorow, plague candy, why the Active Record model - and REST - are bad, and I got a Threadripper at my day job.

  • On March 22 the Oracle v. Google courtroom drama entered its ninety-second year, Apple lost Tech Crunch, and Google and Microsoft took pity on sysadmins, just briefly.

  • On March 23 don't single-source your bread wrappers from Kazakhstan, ventilator production ramped up just before it turned out that we already had plenty, Andrew Cuomo was a communist, and I somehow got groceries delivered.

    I remember that time now, staying up past midnight so that I could snah a delivery slot before they were all taken.

  • On March 24 Lego released their Coronavirus Panic playset, now considered a hard-to-find classic, unless they didn't, DON'T EAT FISH MEDICINE, and why can't the AI learn how to speak.

  • On March 25 nobody had ever heard of Brandenburg v. Ohio, Microsoft and Nvidia said their supply chains would be just fine and I said that shortages and high prices would persist throughout the year, so score one for me there, and Adobe Creative Cloud had a little bug that let other people delete all your files.  Unless you were using HPE SSDs in which case you didn't have any files.

  • On March 26 Navi got stolen, we ran out of cloud, and Linux finally dropped support for a network standard that exactly zero people in the entire world were using.

  • On March 27 Thunderbirds were go, DO NOT ENABLE DEDUPLICATION, Huawei announced the P40, P40 Pro, P40 Pro Plus, and P40 Plus Pro, Backblaze hit an exabyte, and Zoom was the hot new cancer.

  • On March 28 CNN was completely fucking insane, Google forgot TechDirt, which had, admittedly, just returned from a month-long bender, Yelp forgot to tell companies that they had been signed up to a Corona fundraiser, and SpaceX got the delivery contract to Gateway.

  • On March 29 we failed to install Numpy, the price for crude oil went negative for the first time ever, and a $9 million virtual server.

  • On March 30 the Peace Talks trailer arrived - it's worth watching again if you've read the book, we got the first reviews of Ryzen 4000 laptops, the cloud was still full, and doctors continued to disappear in Wuhan.

  • And on March 31 gas dropped to $1 per gallon in London....  Kentucky, we saw the shiny Ryzen 4900HS which is still basically not available anywhere, 100% of Australia's manufacturing capacity was dedicated to producing nothing but shoes toilet paper, and the 19th person died of it - in the entire country.

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