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Daily News Stuff 13 March 2020

Tweetle Beetle Bottle Battle Edition

Tech News

  • I checked on Steam and I didn't have all the Crusader Kings II DLC which irked me slightly.  Then I realised the DLC I didn't have was bundles of the DLC I did have, which was all of it.

  • LinkedIn is appealing a 9th Circuit decision that ruled that public data posted publicly on a public website was, um, public.  (TechDirt)

    Good luck with that one, guys.

  • NetHack 3.66 is here.  (
    avoid " 's glorkum pass harmlessly through the shade" for weaponless mon
    Well, good.

  • Elasticsearch and AWS go together like a giraffe and a water slide.  (
    The second issue is AWS Elasticsearch logic for calculating free storage in their circuit breaker that blocks indexing. So even though there were 200+ GiB free space on each of the existing nodes, AWS Elasticsearch thought we were out of space and blocked indexing. There was no way for us to see that, as we only see the available storage, not what AWS thinks is available. So, the calculation gets the total number of shards+replicas and multiplies it by the per-shared storage. Which means unassigned replicas that do not take actual space are calculated as if they take up space.
    This one is not satire.

  • How to avoid having your civilisation wiped out by an unexpectedly dirty telephone.  (Wall Street Journal)

    Seems that screen coatings on premier smartphones are no pushover:
    I wiped the screen 1,095 times with Clorox disinfecting wipes. I figured that’s the equivalent of wiping down your phone every day for the three years you might own it. The only thing showing any wear after all that wiping? My poor, wrinkly fingers.
    This is one journalist determined to get to the bottom of things:
    I was told that hydrochloric acid, found in toilet-bowl cleaner, would take it right off. Yet after five minutes of scrubbing, it was still fine. Soft Scrub with some bleach for five minutes? Still in decent shape. Finally, I decided to let it sit in a stew of toilet-bowl cleaner for two hours, then I threw in a five-minute rubdown with nail-polish remover, which has acetone.
    I think the acetone might have been overkill.

Disclaimer: Still, we all know what happened to the Golgafrinchans.

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1 "This use of scraping has convinced some -- even some who seemed to support the HiQ ruling -- that perhaps there should be limits on scraping. I think that's a kneejerk reaction, and focusing in too narrowly on the wrong issue."
Spoken like someone who hasn't seen his servers crash because of bots.
I mean, on one hand I'm not actually in favor of LinkedIn's position here, but on the other, I am.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, March 14 2020 12:07 AM (Iwkd4)

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