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Daily News Stuff 1 March 2020

Endless February Edition

Tech News

  • Another Space X hopper prototype came to a sticky end during pressure testing.  (

    That's what prototypes are for, I guess.

  • Rules for running web apps:

    1. Hardware firewall in front of all your servers.
    2. Software firewall per server for fine-grained control and just in case.
    3. All incoming requests go through a proxy/;pad balancer.
    4. App servers only accessible on the local network.
    5. Don't expose port 8009 on an unpatched Tomcat instance.  (ZDNet)

  • The World Health Organisation says that the Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague could be bad.  (CNBC)

    This is why they earn the big bucks.

  • You can get the Huawei Mediapad M6 on AliExpress, though I can't link directly to it because their site is a disaster area.

    Ranges from US$295 for the 4GB/64GB WiFi version, up to US$425 for the 6GB/128GB 4G version.  CPU is a Kirin 980 which has four A76 cores and four crappy slow cores that no-one cares about.  It's much the same as the M3 that I have (which is very nice) except that it's about twice as fast and comes with an almost current version of Android.

    Also, it's missing the headphone jack (that was lost with the M5) and now the fingerprint sensor as well.  Those aren't improvements.

Disclaimer: Unless you have neither ears nor fingers, in which case, go for it.

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1 I see sellers on AliExpress are willing to put the Google appstore on the M6 for you.
Probably as a value-add they give you spyware and Wuhan Death Bat Soup too.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, March 02 2020 01:59 PM (Iwkd4)

2 I think the M6 might have been released before the Great Purge.  It came out middle of 2019, I just didn't notice until a week ago.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, March 02 2020 11:07 PM (PiXy!)

3 Not sure--I just noticed that the first seller I looked at put that prominently near the top of the item page, and the second seller put that right in the image on the search page.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, March 03 2020 01:11 AM (Iwkd4)

4 Yep.  A lot of the cheaper tablets you find on Chinese sites don't come with the Play Store.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, March 03 2020 08:33 AM (PiXy!)

5 My first Android tablet was the first one they sold in stores, the 2015-ish Fire 7.  I followed online instructions to add the play store to that.  I wonder why that doesn't work for Huawei devices (I assume it doesn't because of the kerfuffle when the (IIRC) P20 got cut off and people were briefly using some kind of weird Chinese app to pwn themselves add the Play Store.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, March 03 2020 09:57 AM (Iwkd4)

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