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Daily News Stuff 9 March 2020

Big Steps And Little Ones Edition

Tech News

  • IBM's X15 mainframe processor has over a gigabyte of cache.  (Tom's Hardware)

    256MB of L3 - the same as the larger Threadripper and Epyc models - plus an additional 960MB of L4.

    It's not your average processor.  (Wikichip)

    With only 12 cores it would be easily outrun by current Epyc and Xeon CPUs on a per-socket basis, but an IBM mainframe can contain a lot of sockets.

  • Australia's privacy regulator is suing Facebook, potentially for as much as $529 billion which I supposes is one way to balance the budget.  (Tech Crunch)

    They're not going to sue for such a ludicrous amount; Australia is not yet Europe.  But it may be not insignificant.

  • Intel's upcoming Alder Lake will be a 16-core mainstream desktop part unless it isn't.  (WCCFTech)

    It won't compete with the Ryzen 3950X though: Eight cores will be Cores, whatever Intel calls them nowadays, while the other eight will be low power, low performance, probably Atom derivatives.  Android devices have been doing this for years, and Windows now runs on Arm devices with big.LITTLE designs, so Microsoft must already have dealt with it.

  • It happens to the best bands: K-On! breaks up.  (Popular Mechanics)

    Oh, wait.  K mesons, also known as kaons.  I knew that.

    Apparently there's a rare and previously unverified decay path in K mesons that cannot be explained by the Standard Model of particle physics.  That path has now been confirmed - but still not explained.

Disclaimer: Peak oil, huh?

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