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Daily News Stuff 6 March 2020

Mary Who Edition

Not Exactly Tech News

  • Got my weekly grocery delivery today, from Coles this time because I wanted to stock up on their fried rice.

    No toilet paper.

    Went out to the shops this evening.  Toilet paper section at Woolworths - shelves stripped bare.  Toilet paper section at Coles - fully stocked, but two slightly unusual things:

    1. There was a security guard.  For the toilet paper aisle.  Well, he might have been there for the frozen vegetables on the other side, but I suspect not.
    2. They had nothing smaller than a 20 pack.

    So I guess I'm good for a while.

  • To add insult to injury:

  • Now who's laughin'?

Tech News

70s Music Video of the Day

1979 was really the 80s anyway.

Disclaimer: Go for the eyes, Boo!  Go for the eyes!  Raaargh!

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1 I always assumed AMD's 7nm+ was like Intel's 14nm++++++++, meaning a refinement, not a process switch.  You would think if they'd been planning to switch to EUV this early they'd crow about it because Intel (presumably) isn't using it yet either on CPUs.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, March 07 2020 04:12 AM (Iwkd4)

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