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Daily News Stuff 16 March 2020

Yes We Have No Deliveries, We Have No Deliveries Today Edition

Tech News

  • Coles - one of Australia's two big supermarket chains - has cancelled grocery deliveries until further notice. Starting on the day my delivery was due.

    Woolworths - the other of Australia's two big supermarket chains - hasn't cancelled grocery deliveries. They're just not accepting orders or delivering anything.

    Oh, and they're reducing store hours. So I can't go there late at night when I might actually be free to do so.

  • Ethereum upgradeable contracts actually work.

    This came as something of a shock given how painful it can be to get anything working on Ethereum at all.

    Such as when congestion spikes the transaction price by a factor of 40. Which is what it is doing right now.

  • 96 cores is the new 80. (AnandTech)

    This one has 8 DDR4 memory channels but only 64 PCIe 4.0 lanes per socket. But the CPU interconnect doesn't re-use the PCIe pins, so a dual-socket configuration has 128 PCIe lanes, the same as a dual-socket Epyc.

    This one is a custom design with 4 threads per core, so 768 hardware threads in a dual-socket system. Which is quite a lot.

  • Google just launched that Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plage screening site it wasn't developing as of yesterday. (Tech Crunch)

    Okay, Verily. But that's a dumb name so it doesn't count.

  • Never let a global viral bat soup pandemic go to waste. (Bitcoin News)

    US fuckwits - sorry, Senators - want to ban arithmetic in the name of protecting the children. Specifically banning end-to-end encryption, which you can't do because all it is, is arithmetic.

  • Microsoft has revealed all the specs of the Xbox Xeriex X. (

    • 8 Zen 2 cores at 3.8GHz
    • 52 RDNA 2 CUs at 1.825GHz for 12TFLOPs single precision
    • 16GB GDDR6 on some weird split bus thingy
    • 1TB NVMe SSD

    Put Windows 10 on it and it would make a pretty good desktop.  The only thing it's short of is RAM, and you can't really upgrade GDDR6.

Disclaimer: If you die in real life, you die in the game.

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