Tuesday, April 22


Not About Expelled. Really!

Okay, it's about Expelled.

Remember that wonderful video, Beware the Believers, featuring Richard "Dick to the Dawk" Dawkins and Pimp Dan Dennet?

There was considerable debate about the video's origins.  On the one hand, it refers to the film Expelled; there clearly was some connection.  On the other hand, it's witty and intelligent, and presents the case for science in a rather amusing way. As such, it appeared on quite a few science blogs.

So if it was produced by the Expelled people, it must be considered as something of an own goal for their cause, and yet a greater artistic and intellectual achievement than the main feature.  Some argued that because of all this, it couldn't have been produced by the humourless clods behind Expelled.

They were sort of right.

The producers of Expelled hired another studio to produce Beware the Believers:

(via The Panda's Thumb)

Update: Both the animator and the lyricist appear in this comments thread at Pharyngula to explain how the whole thing came about.  Pharyngula is the blog of biologist and cephalopod fancier PZ Meyers, who appears in both the film and this video.

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