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Daily News Stuff 16 November 2023

Stochastic Garret Edition

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  • Is my toddler a stochastic carrot?  (New Yorker)

    No.  Your toddler is actually capable of learning.

    This piece of art is a better discussion of the risks, benefits, and underlying mechanisms of generative AI than I have seen coming from almost anyone in the industry.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I once saw Julienne and the Stochastic Carrots open for the Stones at the old Palladium.

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1 Tom Shardware, with typos across multiple articles on someone else's typo.  I would expect no less.

The subhead is "This is why spellcheckers are nice." and now I'm left wondering what kind of person* has "Evengenlion", "Evangelion", and apparently "Evengelion" all in their spellchecker (obviously so they don't make a mistake when pointing out someone else's mistake).  Or did they just not proofread?

*Apologies to any actual person for the comparison to a tech journo.

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 17 2023 02:03 AM (LADmw)

2 Actually, it's probably just a typo for Alain Delon, now that I think about it. ANd why would a tech journo have such a thing in they/them spellcheck dictionary?

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 17 2023 11:22 AM (bg2DR)

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