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Daily News Stuff 14 February 2022

Hadda Bought Two Edition

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  • Not up on the news sites yet but GiveSendGo was briefly taken offline by a redirection attack that sent visitors to GiveSendGone.

    Also GiveSendGo information apparently sourced from a misconfigured S3 bucket - or not, I'll get to that in a moment - with details of campaigns and contributions is circulating on the internet.  Supposedly 200GB of data was leaked.  99% of that is going to be videos and images from campaigns.  If they had 200GB of payment data they'd have enough money from their processing fees to buy Nova Scotia.

  • Anyway, that misconfigured S3 bucket.  First, almost all S3 buckets are misconfigured because the S3 bucket configuration panel in AWS is a screaming toxic dumpster fire.  Absolutely unbelievable how bad it is.  IBM has an S3 compatible storage service and even they do it better.

    And the data I've seen circulating...  Was public on the website in the first place.  So it might not have been misconfigured at all, just open to public view because it was public data.

    Not seeing any email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses, but I haven't gone and downloaded the file myself, and don't plan to.

    Update: Apparently the leaked data includes ID of campaign organisers, but not of contributors.

  • In slightly brighter news, that 4TB SSD that suddenly got an massive unexplained discount right when I was looking for a 4TB SSD - and went up by 50% right after I bought it - suddenly got a massive unexplained discount when I was back on Amazon checking my order statuses.  (Everything has been delivered except some gravy.  Long story.)

    It's A$1500 if I buy it through Amazon US; that seems to be the MSRP.  I don't know what Amazon's pricing algorithm is playing at; yesterday on Amazon AU it was A$1307, this morning it was A$873, and after I bought one, it went straight up to A$1147.

    Anyway, where I said I shoulda bought two, now I didda bought two.  Also I'm $200 over budget for my lab buildout, but I think I'll cope.

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