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Daily News Stuff 11 February 2023

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  • Google is planning to implement opt-out telemetry into its Go programming language.  (The Register)

    That means that not only will Google's own apps phone home to Google - they already do that - but every program written by anyone running anywhere if it uses Go.

    Programmers have, not surprisingly, told Google to get fucked.
    Now you guys want to introduce telemetry into your programming language?" Weisz said. "This is how you drive off any person who even considered giving your project a chance despite the warning signs. Please don't do this, and please issue a public apology for even proposing it. Please leave a blast radius around this idea wide enough that nobody even suggests trying to do this again."

    He added: "Trust in Google's behavior is at an all time low, and moves like this are a choice to shove what's left of it off the edge of a cliff."

    The moral lepers over at Mastodon are upset that anyone would object to this latest expansion of the Panopticon:
    "This is a large unconventional design, there are a lot of tradeoffs worth discussing and details to explore," he wrote. "When Russ showed it to me I made at least a dozen suggestions and many got implemented."

    "Instead: all opt-out telemetry is unethical

    Google is evil
    It is indeed.
    this is not needed.
    Go has existed for 13 years without this; other programming languages for more than 60.
    No one even argued why publishing any of this data could be a problem."
    Because the default in any networked system is not to send any data you don't need to send.

    It doesn't matter how useful it is to Google.  I don't care.  It has to be useful to me.

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