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Yes We Want No Bananas Edition

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Disclaimer: Ouch again, though not as bad as previously.  Sigh.

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1 That apple CSAM spying weblog entry is pretty great, he even starts off saying "suggested" and "might" where I might have suggested the use of "said" and "will".  There is no-one so blind as the wilfully blind.

Posted by: normal at Monday, January 23 2023 04:07 AM (obo9H)

2 A: I'm completely confident that Apple is not spying on me through my Mac. B: You don't have a Mac, iPhone or Apple watch. Or any other Apple products. A: I have cider and applesauce.

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Monday, January 23 2023 12:11 PM (r9O5h)

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Posted by: otaquanii22 at Wednesday, January 25 2023 11:02 PM (Nir4X)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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