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Daily News Stuff 27 January 2024

Chainsaws And Roundabouts Edition

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  • So why would anyone use Apple in the first place?

    Microsoft accidentally granted global admin privileges to a random legacy test account.  (Ars Technica)

    Which then got hacked by Russia.

    Granting the hackers read access to every Office 365 account in the world.

    From the comments at Ars Technica:
    To summarize the fuckups:

    • Created test tenant with access to prod data
    • Created test account with weak password
    • Made test account accessible from internet
    • Never enabled 2FA on test account
    • Gave test account admin role
    • Did not monitor for slow password sprays (a known technique)
    • Failed to disable test account at end of testing
    • Failed to monitor for unused/test accounts in production environment
    • Did not monitor executives' accounts for surreptitious access
    • Did not monitor internal test account (that apparently hadn't been accessed in years) for "unusual login activity"

    Did I miss anything? By my count, that's ten fuckups.  It's kind of impressive!

    Genuinely useful comments at Ars Technica?  What is the world coming to?

  • California lawmakers are pushing for a blatantly unconstitutional watermark requirement for AI-generated images.  (Bloomberg)

    The obvious illegality of such a requirement is of course no hindrance to the California state legislature.

  • AMD's Zen 5 desktop CPUs could be arriving as early as Q2 this year, rather than the more usual Q4.  (Hot Hardware)

    We've seen leaks that the chips are already on the production line at TSMC, so given lead times of five to six months for current-generation chips, this makes sense.

    The real action though is with the new laptop chips, and those aren't expected until the end of the year, with the Strix Point Halo - 16 CPU cores and PlayStation 5 level graphics - pushed back to next year.

  • Tech layoffs are back, baby!  (Tech Crunch)

    Much as I enjoy shitting on the idiocy of the tech press, this is at least the second time that Tech Crunch has mocked itself for its September article proclaiming that tech layoffs were "almost a thing of the past".

    Good for them.

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1 Pills - And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all smile

Posted by: Frank at Sunday, January 28 2024 12:43 AM (cARBX)

2 Tech Raunch writers showing signes of self-awareness can only mean one thing:  They've been replaced by AI chatbots.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, January 28 2024 09:10 AM (bg2DR)

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