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Daily News Stuff 30 July 2023

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  • So, that new room-temperature superconductor announcement?  Maybe not, say other scientists.  (Science)

    And one of the tests supposed to illustrate its superconducting properties might just be demonstrating Lenz's law.  Superconductors respond in interesting ways to static magnetic fields, but regular conductors can respond in similar ways to changing magnetic fields, so the actually demonstrate superconductivity you have to keep your field static, which they kind of completely failed to do, at least in one particular video.

    It's not fraud or anything, since the paper describes exactly how to create the alleged miracle material, just possible bad research.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Docker sucks.

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1 All our computters at work have that stupid "see if windows 11 is right for you" nonsense when you run updates, and MS even promises that plenty of stuff you use might not work when you "upgrade".  Eleven must have such a dynamic and terrific new set of features if it can't manage to be backwards compatible.

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