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Daily News Stuff 28 June 2023

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  • Who is the new Mac Pro for?  Apparently, nobody.  (The Verge)

    The previous Mac Pro was a serious computer for serious people - except that it was a Mac, anyway.  It supported multiple video cards and up to 1.5TB of RAM.

    The new Mac Pro is limited to 192GB of RAM, the same amount you can add to a $100 Intel 13100F.  And it supports no graphics cards.  It has slots for graphics cards, but if you install one, it won't work.

    If you ask professional Mac users if they want a Mac Pro, the answer is no.  For almost all of them the 96GB available on the MacBook Pro is enough, and for the few remaining there's the 192GB on a maxed-out Mac Studio.  The Mac Studio doesn't have any PCIe slots, but you can't use the PCIe slots in the Mac Pro anyway.

Tech News

Disclaimer: You can have my Cobalt when you pry my Model M keyboard from my cold, dead fingers.  So probably Tuesday.

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1 I've seen a surprisingly-large number of articles about the Red Hat thing that take the attitude "tough luck, leeches."

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, June 28 2023 11:22 PM (BMUHC)

2 To me there's an interesting parallel between the IBM/HedRat kerfluffle and the ChatBot/Software silliness:  IBM bought into the Open Source(tm) movement to gain an edge against Microsoft after the whole OS/2--NT blowup.  This, in turn, fooled MS into thinking they had to get into Open Source, which (as much as I enjoy using well-written open source software) will turn out poorly for them.  The real reason that linux heartily beat the pants off of MS in the server space wasn't that it was open source, but that MS can't write good software.  MS's adoption of open source is simply going to hobble them with their own poorly written crap that everyone can see, because of open source, is poorly written.  So too, the "AI" software silliness is going to seriously damage a lot of companies by tricking them into churning out even more useless crap at their own expense.
As an aside, IBM is just being IBM.  Once their competitors had been fooled into buying into Open Source(tm) they had no intention of doing any more for the movement than they were legally required.  I can see them pulling a Darl McBride and trying to sue a bunch of companies over trademarks and copyrights they don't actually own.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, June 28 2023 11:54 PM (LADmw)

3 I'm guessing a lot of people have already started referring to RedHat as A**Hat. Cobalt - really???

Posted by: Frank at Thursday, June 29 2023 01:18 AM (rglbH)

4 Your B2B apps won't have web2.0 integration if you don't use . . . (hastily looks up the latest fad) . . . Artificial Intelligence to . . . uh, code your latest web apps for . . . uhhh . . . synchronicity and lean principles . . . uh, yeah.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 29 2023 10:18 AM (obo9H)

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