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Daily News Stuff 26 January 2023

Return Of The Revenge Edition

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  • The new M2 Mac Mini is twice as fast as the Mac Pro for a fraction of the price...  In single-threaded benchmarks.  (WCCFTech)

    Which means nothing because even when the Mac Pro was new - back in 2019, shortly after the Laurentide Ice Sheet receded - the Intel Xeon chips had unimpressive single-threaded performance and were easily beaten by much cheaper desktop chips and even some laptop chips.

    Actually, those Intel Xeon chips kind of sucked and Apple would have been much better off with AMD Threadrippers, but they probably couldn't get the production guarantees that Intel could provide.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I write all my code in SNOBOL on CTOS.  Even if it leaks there are about three people in the world who can still read it.

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