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Daily News Stuff 26 December 2023

You Can't Compete With Free Edition

Top Story

  • Today only, The Outer Worlds is free on the Epic Games Store.  (WCCFTech)

    I was looking forward to this, and was quite irked when Epic snapped it up as an exclusive title, and never got around to buying it.

    And now I don't have to.

    This edition includes the two DLC packs, so you get everything.  For free.

Tech News

  • Things to fix when setting up a new Windows PC.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Step One: Remove fucking McAfee.

  • Many prehistoric handprints show a missing finger.  What if this was not accidental?  (The Guardian)

    On the other hand, what if it was?  Prehistoric circular saws did not have safety guards.

  • The life and death of open source.  (Pocoo)

    Many 3D printer companied released their software as open source.  This may now be changing, because new competitors are taking those open source programs and using them without giving anything back.

    Because you can't beat free.

Disclaimer: Except maybe with a stick.

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1 I honestly don't know where to start with that "open source" article.  That is one bitter, angry, combative, and petty little fellow, and I think him taking his toys and going to play by himself in the corner is a Good Thing.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, December 26 2023 08:55 PM (bg2DR)

2 The open-source rant is, to be kind, "unfocused", bringing up Bambu's open-source fork of Prusa's open-source fork of Slic3r, only to suddenly pivot to complaining about proprietary firmware used by both companies. My eyes glazed over when he started talking about pricing and China; he seems to be confused and offended by the concept of mass production.


Posted by: J Greely at Wednesday, December 27 2023 07:04 AM (oJgNG)

3 I'm sure he complains about people stealing his Memes too.

Posted by: Mauser at Wednesday, December 27 2023 03:29 PM (sZ6tC)

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