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  • What kind of bubble is AI?  (Locus)

    Obviously it's a bubble, but is it the kind that leaves some value behind after the fires die down, or is it the kind where you just have to eat your losses and maybe your children?

    Image-generation AI suggests the former; textual AI suggests the latter.

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Disclaimer: Merry Christmas to all, and may replication lag in your MongoDB clusters not unexpectedly trigger flow control and jam up your entire application at one of the busiest times of the year.

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1 Gosh, that ol' Cory Doctorow sure is great at saying mostly nothing in 25 paragraphs:
AI is a bubble.  Gee, thanks Cory.
Other bubbles collapsed.  Wow, thanks Cory!
Some of those bubbles left the survivors with something to salvage and others didn't.   Well, that's a fantasic insight, Cory!
Policymakers should start planning for the bubble to collapse.  But, Cory, how would they benefit from that?

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, December 26 2023 12:59 AM (bg2DR)

2 You've got to cut Doctorow some slack for coming down on the sane side of an issue for once, instead of his usual bubbly tech-fellation.


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, December 26 2023 02:17 AM (oJgNG)

3 I grudgingly suppose so, but note that the only reason he does is probably he's realized how easy it would be for AI to write articles that sound like him, which makes him 90% replaceable.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, December 26 2023 05:34 AM (BMUHC)

4 Right now AI use appears to be another iteration of the Law of the instrument.  Things will eventually settle out; anyone remember seeing all those strange contraptions from the early days of flight smile

Posted by: Frank at Tuesday, December 26 2023 08:46 AM (KTyoU)

5 Yeah, I guess I'm boring because everyone else also sees that Cory perhaps deserves a good kicking.

Automating driving was maybe less AI hype, and more technocratic self loving.  IE, regulators being out of their ever loving minds. 

Overhyped neural network research in engineering has a longer history than just the current fad, and if there is any good to be obtained there, that good will potentially remain after the fad does not deliver as originally claimed.

I am strongly and firmly of the opinion that there is a bit of a trusting-university-graduates-to-be-sane bubble.  (I've been fighting off a head cold, and an tendency to rant about this.)  There is a case that you could not blame universities for Doctorow.

There are university graduates who have actively studied how to be ignorant, superstitious, and out of touch with traditions of western civilization.  There are also people who skipped tertiary schooling, and kinda naturally developed an animistic way of relating to technology.

I like certain specific approaches to automation, do not endorse current fad, am not worried about the 'doom' forecasts, and really do not think that the the status quo human 'experts' are delivering all that much. 

The only problems with the AI fad, that are not also problems of other mistakes, are wasting time, opportunity, and money.   Which is big and important, yes.

But, look at the magnitude of decisions being passed through the hands of university graduates, largely on the ignorant superstitious basis that university students are 'trained', and must know what they are doing.  Look at medicine and law, and consider the impact if those guys are all trained by race war nutters who hate peace.  I'm not seeing that even the most extreme realistic risk case for AI can exceed that hazard.  Possibly the Penn, MIT and Harvard crazies in charge are isolated irregularities that are not representative of wider problems. 

(Note: Those three witches are who I would expect everyone to be familiar with.  They are well after I became convinced of serious problems.)

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, December 26 2023 12:39 PM (r9O5h)


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