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  • Windows 11 is garbage.

    When I get back home, Tanya the Evil is getting a Windows 10 upgrade.

  • Intel has made it official: There won't be a 14th generation desktop chip based on the Meteor Lake architecture this year.  (WCCFTech)

    There will however be a 14th generation desktop chip based on the Raptor Lake architecture, which is 13th generation, and a 14th generation laptop HX chip based on the Raptor Lake architecture, which is still 13th generation, a 1st generation laptop U/H Ultra chip based on the Meteor Lake architecture, which is 14th generation, and a 1st generation laptop U/H chip based on the Raptor Lake architecture, which as we mentioned earlier is 13th generation.

    All clear?


    Don't buy anything.

  • The 7840HS in the Beelink GTR7 makes for a potent NUC.  (Serve the Home)

    They tested it in light gaming such as League of Legends and logged no real improvement over the previous generation GTR6 with a 6900HX processor.

    Then they realised that the new model has been tested on 4k resolution instead of 1080p.

  • Since I'm back in a big city for a few days I stopped at an electronics store to see if there exists a phone appreciably larger than my Samsung, um, A52 5G I think it is.  Not that I have 5G back home in West Wyalong* but I did in Sydney before the move.

    Well, I didn't; in fact I barely had any Gs at all.  I had five hypothetical Gs, but zero point one actual Gs.

    Anyway, no.

    No good small tablets either.  The sales guys - there were are group of them standing around chatting - paused when I said there were no good small tablets, and then unpaused when I added except for the iPad Mini which I don't want.

    I think I might have to get one, though.  I have my Samsung A7 Lite with me on this trip as well, and it's just a big bundle of meh.

    * May not contain any actual West Wyalong.

  • Prism Project has announced its seventh generation of vtubers.  (Twitter)

    This comes a month after Gen 6, which came a month after Gen 5, which came 18 months after Gen 4, so it seems that someone at Sony finally woke up and remembered that they bought a vtuber agency a couple of years ago.  (The exact terms of the deal weren't made public, but day-to-day operations are handle by Sony now and the talents' music is released under the Sony label).

    The three new talents are all well-known indie vtubers, which is something Phase Connect also did with its "Phase Invaders" generations, and it's what Kawa Entertainment is all about.  Give them a home, let them keep their models and fanbases, and skim a little off the top in return for managing things like music and gameplay rights.

  • So apart from Windows 11, Mrs Pixy, how's the new laptop?  (The HP Pavilion 14, non-Plus version.)

    It's okay.  The screen is definitely meh.  The CPU is significantly faster than my old laptop (six cores vs. four, so it should be), and it has 64GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD because such things are cheap if you can just find a laptop that is still upgradeable, which is the only reason I got this and not the much nicer but unupgradeable Plus.

    Keyboard I'm getting used to, but the screen is not as good as the old laptop even after the old laptop's screen went bad.  Battery life is far from spectacular as well.

    I brought along a little 65W GaN charger with three USB ports to keep the laptop, phone, and tablet topped up and chugging alone.  

    It can't do that.

Disclaimer: Double plus Nongood.

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1 I really want the GTR7 but I can't justify it.  Maybe if I sold off my old desktop or my 1235u, which is nice, but doesn't game well (35-40 FPS on Diablo IV 1080p low and FSR enabled.)

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 23 2023 11:38 PM (BMUHC)

2 "What good are you?"
None.  That's why Glenn Greenwald left to form Substack.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 23 2023 11:40 PM (BMUHC)

3 Are they decision makers at Windows actually stealth saboteurs who are Linux fans?

Posted by: Frank at Saturday, June 24 2023 12:32 AM (rglbH)

4 Makes me wonder.  Every major change they make is not just bad, but actively terrible, and the good updates are very minor.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, June 24 2023 08:35 AM (PiXy!)

5 Hey Pixy, I have (1) an old laptop that still works but has a broken hinge and (b) a bonus burning a hole in my pocket.  What do you recommend for someone who uses their laptop for internet surfing, word processing, budgeting (lots of number entry), and casual games (like emulated FFVI)?  Does the answer change if the person in question is Linux-curious?
P.S. Regarding my Small Android Phone situation from last year, I ended up getting the Galaxy S22.  It's still a little big for me, but taking into account carrier performance (I could not verify that the Asus Zenfone, which I would have preferred, was supported by any of the carriers in my area, and having already had that problem with the otherwise perfect Sony Xperia XZ2 compact, I didn't want to take the risk) and other factors, it turned out to be the best choice.  Maybe the next generation of Android phones will have a small option.  Thanks for your advice on that one!

Posted by: Mrs. Peel at Saturday, June 24 2023 08:46 AM (jrY13)

6 Re: microsoft's genius

They did hire the systemd guy, and some years ago ESR blogged speculation about MS deciding to go Linux. 

Mostly I favor the view that there are two wolves inside microsoft, one has some idea of satisfying customers, and every so often the other one drives the first off and forces through another crappy iteration of windows that everyone hates with the passion of ten thousand burning suns.

That said, maybe the big tech industry is just insane.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, June 24 2023 12:20 PM (r9O5h)

7 I remember some years ago coming across the concept of "dark patterns" in web/ui design, and I think I've finally got it.  It should be "dippy patterns".
 MS showed us "THE FUTURE" when they gave us clippy and his helpful doggy sidekick: we think you're all retarded, and we think we know what it's like, and so in our much (much!) smarter hubris we'll give you what we think that retarded people will like and appreciate.  No, we're not looking down on you, we absolutely love and value retards like you!  Guys, hold on, just listen:  you might not be as smart as us, but you're still very valuable.  Now wait, we need you to start using your computer like this, because that's how we think you will get the best value... No, stop.  You're not smart enough to know how to use a computer like that.  STOP.  STOP!  Alright, we're going to disable the ability to use F8 to . . . shit, stop it.  NO!  NONONONONO!

Posted by: normal at Saturday, June 24 2023 01:33 PM (obo9H)

8 Hi Pixy I gave my son  a occulus 2 for his birthday (against my better judgement) and now were trying to get it to work with my dell precision 7520. Its a 5 year old machine, but the NVIDIA m2200 card should work. But occulus says its crap. 
Should I call it bad or do you think Ill ever get the damn thing to work. Not asking for advice on how. Just whether I should waste my time (based on your vastly greater experience)
Knew I should have gotten him the new bike. 

Posted by: Brendan at Saturday, June 24 2023 03:00 PM (V8yYW)

9 Well, I sure hope everythin's okay out there in spider and drop-bear land.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, June 25 2023 11:39 PM (obo9H)

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