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Daily News Stuff 22 June 2023

Usual Suspecting Edition

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  • Journalists for Censorship is at it again: Spotify's podcast platform is going off the rails, except for Joe Rogan who is still drawing huge audiences and we can't stand it!!!!!  (The Verge)
    One problem is that none of these people — from former presidents to filmmakers to bestselling authors — were able to deliver sure-fire podcast hits. Even a podcast hosted by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen ended up putting people to sleep.
    This comes as a surprise?
    This cascading series of events says a lot about the unwieldy nature of Spotify’s podcast business, which is still driven mostly by the former host ofFear Factor. Not even a compilation video of Rogan saying the n-word nearly two dozen times got him kicked off the platform. It’s a lot of power for one creator to yield.
    Spotify: He actually makes us money.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I'll be away for a couple of days attending a 100th birthday party.  (Not mine.)  Will probably be able to log in remotely and post something though.

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Alright. Off-topic. I don't normally post because have I nothing new to say. And this isn't "new," but it needs to be said.

Kids can grow up faster, and are capable long before our current society proclaims it so.

Besides past history, I want to hilight:

Fictional series, where circumstances force adults to "accept" kids in important roles

John Ringo's take.

Mackey Chandler's take.

and E. M. Foner's Lighthearted Earthcent Ambassador series:

Those are all clickable. You just have to CTRL-C and CTRL-V them. And they are ALL GREAT SERIES.

You will feel better after you read them. I heard of them from Fran Porretto, Sarah Hoyt, Pixy Misa and others.

Posted by: furball321 at Thursday, June 22 2023 07:31 PM (wHdE5)

2 "if they tried to do their jobs with a keyboard they'd be useless too"

If you strike a person about the head sufficiently (both with regards to frequency and amplitude) with a type m or type f keyboard they will clean bathrooms and mop floors with great enthusiasm and vigour, so don't count keyboards out entirely for janitorial tasks.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 22 2023 09:17 PM (obo9H)

3 "taken at face value, AMD has six consumer-level chips faster than Apple's flagship CPU, and dozens of workstation and server parts."

And then Apple fans point out--fairly justifiably--just how long an Apple laptop will last on battery (particularly vs a gaming laptop, which may not be a fair comparison.)

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 23 2023 12:17 AM (k3/O4)

4 Not in this case - this is a desktop chip.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, June 23 2023 04:06 AM (PiXy!)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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