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  • What is real and what is not in TikTok's mental illness plague?  (The Verge)

    What is the difference between someone pretending to be mentally ill for the social benefits and someone who is actually mentally ill?
    It was TikTok, in Robinson's eyes, that was driving the sudden rise in pediatric DID referrals. "It's possible that social media is revealing new ways for individuals with genuine DID to express themselves," he said in his lecture. But he also issued a warning: "however, it’s also very possible that social media and internet trends are contributing to increased DID claims that are not genuine." That is, people claiming to have DID might be mistaken, confused, or simply faking it.
    As a licensed professional, Dr Robinson is required by law never to give a straight answer.

    As a licensed unprofessional, on the other hand, I can tell you this: Everyone on TikTok is faking being crazy for social credit points.

    If you want to find people who are legitimately mentally ill, check the bios on Twitter.
    He started with a clip of a rainbow-haired DID system purchasing a personalized cake to celebrate their official DID diagnosis, something Robinson thought was "surprising," as it contrasted with the typically "hidden" nature of the disorder. He shared footage of a system cycling through eight elaborate neon outfits - complete with wigs and cat-like paws - attributed to their different alters, "overt changes" of appearance that Robinson felt were "not characteristic" of the DID patients clinicians see each day.
    Thanks doc, and no shit.  Identity disorders don't come with complimentary wardrobes.  These are adult-sized children who want to live in cartoon world.

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Disclaimer: Well, not that shocked.

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1 Ashkully, these people do have a real mental health problem, that makes it difficult for them to function.

That being that they pay attention to the credentialed mental health experts, and take them and the official narrative seriously.

In ancient times long forgotten, the APA used to recognize that they could provide mental health services in the context of American culture, and not in any others. 

This is kind of necessarily true of every sort of mental health organization.  You can identify pathological by looking at people from a culture, in the context of their own culture.  Then you can boil that down to a set of standards, that you can teach people to diagnose off of, if natives diagnosing natives in a native cultural context. 

It takes a lot more work to keep someone from screwing up, the more cultural differences are in play.  If there is, say, a substantial difference in body language, someone new from the major culture of the psychological organization and standards is maybe gonna absurdly throw out a lot of false diagnoses. 

The APA figured it out eventually.

Then we had various scholars of critical theory, 'women', feminism, and LGBT. 

Normal rule of thumb for learning about abnormal psychology from observation, if you are the sort to get sucked into their delusion, you produce garbage.  APA understood that at one point.

It was decided by way of political pressure that the APA would be ignoring that issue, and taking a bunch of scholars at face value, scholars concentrated in government sponsored and controlled schools. 

One of the key elements of the research by scholars in critical theory, 'women', feminism, and LGBT is that they look at other cultures, or imagine from incomplete information about other cultures, and conclude that straightness is a conspiracy rooted in the ancient world, and also pathological.  Therefore their recommendations for persons in US culture are not based in US culture. 

The new APA rubberstamped this finding, and 'evolving standards' things away. 

The recommendations from the APA apparently do not result in functional humans even in the context of the academic subculture that purports to have fought off critical theory's ancient super conspiracies. 

The primary and secondary public schools abused a lot of children, and attempted to terrorize them into compliance.  Including by pushing APA rubbertstamped LGBT studies 'psychological research'.  The ones with Stockholm syndrome largely continued to take this stuff seriously, and they drive themselves nuts with it. 

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Monday, August 21 2023 11:51 AM (r9O5h)

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