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Daily News Stuff 19 June 2023

When Seven Hundred Years Old You Are Edition

Top Story

  • At least they're self-aware: Black Mirror's 'Joan is Awful' shits all over the future of streaming.  (The Verge)
    Right now in Hollywood, the screenwriters of the Writers Guild of America are on strike.
    I know this is true, but it hasn't affected my viewing habits one iota.
    And one reason they’re on strike is the fear that AI will take their jobs, churning out mediocre content quickly and cheaply that helps streamers’ bottom lines even if it doesn’t contribute much culturally speaking.
    So their jobs are churning out mediocre content quickly and cheaply that helps streamers’ bottom lines even if it doesn’t contribute much culturally speaking?

    I mean, yes.  True.  Just odd to hear them admit it.
    Disclosure: The Verge’s editorial staff is represented by the Writers Guild of America East.
    I would never have guessed.

Tech News

  • MSI is launching an RTX 4060 without RGB lighting.  (Tom's Hardware)

    I'm so old I remember when computer cases were opaque.

  • There's always a bigger fish, and there's always a slimier lawyer.  (New York Times)

    Slime gets drunk and says things he shouldn't, career implodes, film at eleven.

  • How to destroy your brand in eight words or less.  (Miguel Grinberg)

    Twilio - an API service for sending messages to people, which before Twilio was a confusing mess - replaced its iconic billboard that said simply Ask your developer with one that says How can I reduce acquisition costs by 65%? 


  • I've been rewatching series 5 of Doctor Who - new Doctor Who, not old Who, which is denoted by seasons and half of season 5 is lost anyway - and it mostly holds up well except for the two-part story in the middle, which was written by Chris Chibnall and is a slow and dreary mess where the characters play hot potato with the idiot ball.

    Chris Chibnall just happens to be the man who took over the show for series 11 and turned the entire thing into a slow and dreary mess where the characters play hot potato with the idiot ball.

    The warning signs were all there.

  • Speaking of warning signs, the trailer for Netflix's live-action adaptation of One Piece doesn't look entirely terrible.  (YouTube)

    Cheesy as hell, yes, but so is the anime.  They seem to have embraced the cheese and kept the spirit, which is encouraging.

    If you don't have kids you might not have heard of One Piece, but it's an industry in itself.  The anime has run for over 1000 episodes (plus fifteen movies), and the manga has sold half a billion copies.

    Will I be watching it?  Probably not.  The anime has run for over 1000 episodes, and I think I've seen one of those.  But if Netflix can produce something that doesn't suck, even now, there might still be hope for us all.

Disclaimer: Probably not.

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1 "I'm so old I remember when computer cases were opaque."  ...I remember when they were opaque and you could get them in any color you liked , as long as it was beige, or as someone else put it, "a shade of plastic most often encountered in downscale condoms."

Posted by: bob in houston at Monday, June 19 2023 11:41 PM (YBLgY)

2 a) I like One Piece.  The manga's writing is more coherent, common sense, and physically plausible than the New York Times. 

b) The Writer's Guild of America does not contribute anything culturally.  Most of them are trained in literary theory at universities.  The word university was coined to describe a school where seven liberal arts (logic, rhetoric, grammar, as well as arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music) were studied in addition to some combination of law, medicine, and theology. 

Theology has been hot garbage at mainstream universities for a while.  Critical Theory recently helped kill off the public credibility of medicine and law programs.  Critical Theory is a blight upon the liberal arts.  It is weaksauce rhetoric; Critical Theory mostly involves bullying the public because the public does not have the right credentials to speak on behalf of the disadvantaged.  (PhDs are at most 2% of American population, and the ones in the universities are much closer to the federal government than they are to any poors.)  Critical Theory declares logic and other mathematical fields invalid, because applying critical theory to mathematics logically breaks mathematics, and mathematicians may consider critical theory disproven by contradiction.  (World Music is in my view a lousy course, but that is less relevant, as is physicists being crazy with results of astronomy. (Dark matter sounds a lot like measurement error to me.))  The state of the liberal arts is so polluted by critical theory that there is no longer any public good in having universities preserved as universities. 

Literary Theory was always mostly good for writing English papers, and has never been more than an average tool for creative writing projects.  Hard integration with critical theory means that it is pretty worthless for creative writing, and is as an addition to a culture a negative.

You would almost add more value to American culture by hanging every member of the writers guild of america, and refusing to replace them with anybody but highschool drop outs. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, June 20 2023 01:08 AM (r9O5h)

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