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Daily News Stuff 17 September 2023

Hidash, Lodash, Everywhere You Go Dash Edition

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  • We're in a productivity crisis according to 52 years of data and things could get really bad.  (Medium)

    Author Note: This article was written over 60 hours with love and care using the blockbuster mental model. If you want to create high-quality viral content using the blockbuster approach, I have two programs to help you.
    That doesn't answer my question.
    Heavy weight: I personally lead a year-long, small-group training. The 6th cohort starts in September 2023. To learn more, fill out this application.
    Or...  Does it?
    Light weight: With my Blockbuster Blueprint newsletter, you receive a daily 5-minute video lesson from a famous thought leader along with an easy way to apply it.
    Yeah, starting to get the picture here.
    I spent over 500 hours researching and writing this article. Those 500 hours were spent reading through dozens of books/studies in 10+ fields (history, economics, technology, philosophy of science, manufacturing, management, sociology, investing, innovation). I spent so much time because the topic was both much more interesting and complicated than I originally thought. And, as is the case with all of my writing on Medium, I use the blockbuster philosophy. This means I don't click publish unless I think it is one of the best articles that has been written on the topic.
    Yep, you're an idiot.

    The article itself can be summarised as: Trends that can't continue forever, won't.

    Which is a variation of Stein's Law, though expanded from six words to a few thousand (with diagrams and pull quotes) because as I noted, the author is an idiot.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Direct orbits into the Sun are surprisingly energy-intensive, but in this case the expense is worthwhile.

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1 Productivity crisis:  sounds like the kind wordy mess that attracts the Management-Flavor-Of-The-Day crowd.  I can see one or two of my previous employers going full time into that.

Posted by: Frank at Monday, September 18 2023 12:54 AM (JqCHh)

2 A Blockbuster Agile Scrum, you say?  As long as it includes a complimentary subscription to the Jim Cramer of the Month Club, I'm game!

Posted by: normal at Monday, September 18 2023 01:25 AM (obo9H)

3 I think management is full of cults, and that there is a lot where we don't really know what is going on, or what could happen.  Lots of tasks, businesses and industries are a bit more specific than we understand, and we take risks in extrapolating too far from the experience of others. 

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Monday, September 18 2023 08:46 AM (r9O5h)

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