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  • LK-99: Not a superconductor.  (Nature)

    Ace already posted on this a couple of days ago but this article in Nature seems to explain what the Korean researchers were observing.

    Pure LK-99 is not a conductor at all, so what the were measuring was LK-99 "doped" with specific impurities.  And the important one looks to have been copper sulfide, which shows a phase transition and change in conductivity right at the point where the researchers thought they were seeing a transition to superconductivity.

    But it was just the temperature at which their sample's resistance dropped by a factor of 10, not by a factor of infinity.  Below that temperature the electromagnetic properties of their sample changed drastically, but it was still not actually a superconductor.

    So, no flying cars for another twenty years I'm afraid.

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Disclaimer: Some people look at things that are, and ask why.  I look at things that are and ask, what the fuck were you people thinking?  Were you thinking?  What even is this?

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1 I, too, get all my life advice from creatures that not only have no life experience, but have no concept of space, time, objects, continuity, or the senses. By which I mean tenured faculty. But AI's are also pretty strange choices for mentorship.

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