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Daily News Stuff 4 February 2022

Submissive And Breadable Edition

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  • So between Zoom calls this evening I briefly tuned into Nick Rekieta's stream with Robert Barnes, and thought I'd misheard him because it sounded like he was giving as shout out to Phase Connect vtuber Pipkin Pippa.

    Turns out he was giving a shout out to Phase Connect vtuber Pipkin Pippa and I'd missed something special - and the stream has been privated now.

    Two observations: First, that vtubers are counter-culture in a world where mainstream culture is increasingly insulting Marxist drivel (not a new observation I admit), and second, that if the three rabbit vtubers Pippa, Pekora, and Non ever get together we may experience an Earth-shattering kaboom of record proportions.

  • There's nothing worse than legislation with a cutesy name and popular bipartisan support: The abominable EARN IT Act is back again.  (EFF)

    The point of the bill is to eradicate online privacy.  Not only would it open up every online to government snooping, it would make the use of encryption evidence against defendants in civil and criminal prosecution.

    Here's a handy list of the culprits.

    On the plus side - though I doubt this has entered the thinking of any of those listed - is that this would annihilate American Big Tech.

Tech News

Party Like It's 1980-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it, and that's what gets...  Well, fuck.

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1 The centerfold in my high-school graduating class was Tina Bockrath. She graduated as a Junior, so I'd never known her. Years later, when we met up at an autograph show, we concluded that I must have delivered a pizza to her a few times.


Posted by: J Greely at Saturday, February 05 2022 12:07 AM (rIzT3)

2 Hey..ain't that thar Oort guy the fella what invented 'The Cloud'?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sunday, February 06 2022 11:16 AM (5iiQK)

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