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The Naming Of Servers Is A Serious Matter

Ignoring for the moment that I screwed up and currently have two servers called Aoi.

Given my supernatural anime schoolgirl colour name theme, I have to note how many of the Hololive talents' names relate to colours:
  • Sora via sora-iro, sky blue
  • Sakura via sakura-iro, cherry blossom pink
  • Haachama's official name is Akai Haato, and aka there means red
  • Fubuki's family name is Shirakami, where shira means white
  • Matsuri's family name is Natsuiro, summer-coloured
  • Shion's family name is Murasaki, purple
  • Noel's family name, Shirogane, where shiro is also white
  • Botan's family name, Shishiro - white again
  • Nene's family name, Momosuzu, via momoiro, pink
  • And Aqua is, well, aqua
I'm considering names for possibly two servers here in Sydney, because they give you a discount on the second one, so two big servers prepaid for a year works out about the same as my current smaller server paid hourly.  After cancelling a couple of things elsewhere I'll end up saving money - and have 96GB of RAM and 24 cores on tap locally.

One would be for stable stuff - my personal email and GitLab servers, Minecraft, that kind of thing, and the other for dev and test environments.

Quick inventory:
  • Akane, Utah: Ryzen 3700X, 64GB RAM, 3.2TB NVMe
  • Mikan (probably), Dallas: Xeon W-1290P, 64GB RAM, 3TB NVMe
  • Aoi (original), Dallas, Xeon E-1240, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD
  • Aoi2, Dallas, VM, 12 cores, 48GB RAM, 720GB SSD
  • Kurumi, Dallas,  VM, 8 cores, 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD
  • Midori, Los Angeles, VM 6 cores, 24GB RAM, 240GB SSD - just cancelled, will replace with a Sydney server
  • Sakura, Singapore, VM, 8 cores, 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD - will probably cancel and replace with a Sydney server
  • Chiriri, Sydney, 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 125GB SSD - seems tiny now
  • Mew, Dallas, 48TB backup server
  • Lurulu, Dallas, 16GB RAM, 768GB RAID-5 SSD, CPanel 

(That's really more than we need.)

I was going to call Aoi2 Akko, and Mikan Akai, but I'm probably going to steal those names for the two Sydney servers.  Name the Dallas server Mikan, move everything off Aoi and Lurulu onto Mikan and cancel those two, leave new Aoi named as-is, add two new servers in Sydney named Akai and Akko for dev and prodution respectively, and move everything off Chiriri, Midori, and Sakura onto those and then cancel the three older servers.  There are also a couple of tiny DNS servers, and those can go too.

Which actually leaves (new) Aoi and Kurumi sitting doing nothing.  I'll likely set up new Aoi as an internal CDN, since I already did that while Ace's server was down.

Update: Wait, I already installed LXD on the new Dallas server, and that has the server name bound into it because of how I chose to set up the storage pools.  So I'd need to completely uninstall and reinstall that first.

The containers on the dev servers would be named for individual projects and services anyway - caddy, nginx, minx, minecraft - rather than abstract names for a collection of services, so probably not worth the fuss.

Update Two: Fine print - the new server in Dallas comes with less bandwidth than the other main server, and it counts inbound bandwidth, which is usually free.  So dumping the daily backups onto it from Utah is convenient, but it actually uses an appreciable percentage of the monthly allowance.

Sigh.  The route from Utah to Mew, the main backup server, is still flaky, but is averaging 5 to 10 MB/sec now instead of 1, so it's at least usable.

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