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1 Basic issue here is vicious academic morons taking it upon themselves to be spokesmen for 'our' community.

That was shown to be a profound lie, when certain entities cheerfully burned down a bunch of neighborhoods, while not, to my knowledge, burning down a single faculty office at a university. 

There is zero overlap of community between these academic theorists supported in their claims by universities and anyone outside a university.

This particular asshole wants to talk about community self-enforcement or self-regulation instead of formal bureaucratic policing?  That is vigilantism.  When you explicitly replace formal bureaucratic policing with vigilantism, you explicitly accept the costs of vigilantism.

In a society where blacks and whites are mixed, especially if the ratio is 12%/60% or 14%/70%, the costs of vigilantism will include incidents that this childishly ignorant insane harridan would complain loudly about.  If both blacks and whites have freedom of movement, you don't have complete control of which incidents will have white vigilantes seeking revenge, and which black vigilantes seeking revenge. 

If you want black communities to be 'free' from policing, without any white vigilantes having access, you need a system of enforced apartheid.  Which raises the questions of where the forces enforcing the apartheid will be recruited. 

There are two choices for this.  1.  Recruiting a segregated force of blacks, outnumbered by whites, and hence having possibility of being overwhelmed if the whites are sufficiently motivated.  2.  Recruiting a segregated force of whites. 

The advantage of such alternatives over an integrated police force eludes me, but perhaps that is my toxic straight patriarchal whiteness speaking. 

There is no 'us' in the United States of America.  The people speaking on my behalf do not represent me, whether they are talking about Covid policy, Christianity, white interest, GOP, conservatism, masculinity, etc. 

I think that the 'blacks' are likewise not truly backing these sons of bitches in any sort of collective way.  If I did think so, I would be obligated to consider the policy implications. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Thursday, April 22 2021 02:20 AM (6y7dz)

2 And the account's now gone private.  Probably best for everyone's sanity.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, April 22 2021 04:17 AM (eqaFC)

3 Apparently the lives of teens who try to stab each other don't matter to Bree.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, April 22 2021 08:07 AM (eqaFC)

4 I'm just going to say: if they really want to go down this road, they're not going to be happy with where it ends up.

Or as Glenn Reynolds puts it:  the police are there to protect the criminals from the rest of us.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, April 22 2021 11:16 PM (LADmw)

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