Sunday, April 25


Shut Up And Take My Money

SSDNodes is launching a Sydney location on Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure they oversell RAM (and CPU, but everyone oversells CPU).

And setting up LXD on their servers is a bit fiddly since you can't define custom partitions; you need to create a large file and build a ZFS volume on top of it so LXD can use it.*  (lxd init will do that for you, but if you're talking about hundreds of GB of space you're much better off doing it manually.)

And you have to pay for a year in advance to get a reasonable deal, instead of hourly like the major cloud providers.

But if you do all that, it comes out at a fraction of the cost of Digital Ocean or Linode or Vultr.  A pretty small fraction.  I can replace my 4GB local dev server with a 32GB or maybe 48GB one, depending on what deal they offer - at about the same price.

Which is good, because the Minecraft server is really bogging it down.  Maybe I should turn off the chicken cannon.


* This is a bad idea if you're running directly on hardware because ZFS has excellent handling of hardware errors and you want it to talk to the drives as directly as possible.  On a virtual server, if hardware errors are getting through to you you're already in deep shit.  So worst case you restore your entire server from the SSDNodes backup, or your containers from offsite backup.  If there's an unexpected reboot you should just need to wait for the ext4 journal to recover first, before you can mount ZFS and let that recover its journal.  And on NVMe storage that's pretty quick.

Still worth it; ZFS snapshots, deduping, and compression all work fine this way.

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