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Daily News Stuff 28 October 2021

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  • Them: How long will that take?
    Me, thinking: Normally six weeks, can probably get something in two.
    Them: Because we promised it would be ready on Monday.

  • Intel's 12th generation Alder Lake desktop CPUs arrive next week.  (AnandTech)

    Prices have been announced, and the 12600K costs 10% more than the 11600K.  It's 20% to 40% faster, so that's not a bad deal.

    No benchmark data yet except for the fluff from Intel and random leaks, but it's worth waiting a week to see.

    Laptop parts are expected to be announced at CES in January.

Tech News

Anime Ending Video of the Day

Holomyth Season 1.  Season 2 is airing now.

(Actually the whole thing was drawn and animated by one slightly crazy fan.  The music is Ina's original song, Violet.)

Disclaimer: Just say "bah" and wave your paw.

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1 This happened several years ago, with respect to a custom board designed in 1993.
Us: We've discontinued that board. Them: We need you to keep making them for us. Us: Intel stopped making your processor more than a decade ago. We told you to make a last-time buy a couple of years ago. Them: We promised our customers a 30-year product lifetime. Us:   . . .

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