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Daily News Stuff 24 May 2021

Fuck This Thing In Particular Edition

Top Stories

  • Deploying a new blockchain - I hate those things - for an urgent project.  Everything goes swimmingly in test.  It's complicated, but doesn't require an entire new programming language the way Ethereum does.

    Switch over to production.  Discover production network is significantly slower than test and the timeout is hard-coded in the API library, so ever transaction fails.

    Hack a sensible timeout into the library.

    Now only 25% of transactions fail.  We issue them and they disappear without trace.

    Contact the blockchain developers directly.

    "Yeah, 25% sounds about right."

    Never mind the commies, we need to throw the blockchain people into a volcano.

  • Get an urgent ticket from hosting provider at 4AM.  I missed the previous ticket because it arrived two days ago - also at 4AM - when I got to sleep at 3AM, and by the time I woke up I had fifty other emails to go through.

    Report that a domain is hosting malware.  Ask for details.

    Get back a link with - literally - 77 virus checkers reporting it clean and one reporting a problem.  No information at all as to what the problem is, or why one positive outweighs 77 negatives.

  • If Amazon's game New World killed your EVGA RTX 3090, it will be replaced under warranty immediately and without question.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Problems with the game have now been reported on multiple cards from both Nvidia and AMD, though, so it might be safest just to play Minecraft until this all blows over.

Tech News

Very Random Videos

O Fuck Canada Video of the Day

Thousands of indigenous children died - of tuberculosis and other diseases of the day - in government-run boarding schools starting in the 1880s.  It got so bad that many of the deaths simply went unrecorded.  This has been known for decades and a seven-year inquest published a detailed report on it all back in 2015.

So why is it suddenly a headline issue now?  Because politics ruins everything.

Axolotls Cause Sleep Disorders Video of the Day

Hololive JP went axolotl crazy with the new Minecraft release.  There's a very rare blue axolotl in the game that has a 1 in 1200 chance of appearing when you breed two axolotls.  To breed two axolotls you need live tropical fish, which aren't easy to find either.

Kanata (Coco's friend and real-life roommate) bred over 3000 axolotls before finally achieving blue heaven.  She spent so much time live-streaming all this that she developed sleep apnea.

Here's Officer Oozoru investigating the conditions on Kanata's unlicensed axolotl ranch.

Usada Pekora Sings the Opening Theme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Video the Day

I'm not even kidding.  It's called Roto's Theme.

That FrameWork Laptop Might Actually Not Suck Video of the Day

Schematics or Die.

I don't know the people behind this laptop, but Louis Rossman has been calling out electronics manufactures for years over the irreparable crap they spew out, and he's cautiously optimistic.

That Ryzen Alienware R10?  Yeah, Nah Video of the Day

People have complained - a lot - about the fan noise on these Alienware systems.  Now you get to see why.  If for whatever reason you get one of these, pay extra for water cooling.  The air-cooled model tested here instantly failed thermal testing.

You Know What Also Fails Thermal Testing Video of the Day

In this case, an RTX 3090 that melts the temperature probe.

Disclaimer: In Soviet Russia, temperature probe melts you.

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1 There's another company making a DIY/repairable laptop:  MNT Reform.  It's not very powerful--quad-core A53--and it's chunky, but it's usable.

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