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Daily News Stuff 20 February 2021

Ethicists Behaving Badly Edition

Tech News

  • Google has fired another one of its top AI ethicists.  (Reuters)

    In this case for violating their code of conduct and security policies involving moving research data outside Google's corporate network.

    Ethicists are consistently some of the most unethical people on the planet, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that even as unethical a company as Google is having trouble with them.

  • The state of the NAND Flash ecosystem.  (AnandTech)

    TL;DR: 10Gbit/mm².  That's, um, quite a lot.  Consider that the Raspberry Pi Pico has 2MB of flash memory, which would measure 0.0016mm² if manufactured on a leading-edge process, and the entire chip would barely be visible to the naked eye, even if you knew exactly where it was.

  • Never had a chance to get a Voodoo 5 6000 back in the day?  Why not build your own?  (Hot Hardware)

    Well, because the drivers are notoriously buggy and it's terribly slow by modern standards, but still, someone did exactly that, and the homebrew model looks better than the real thing.

    He also made it a PCI card (not PCIe) instead of AGP, so it's just about possible to find a motherboard that will support it.

  • Brave was leaking DNS requests for pages fetched over Tor due to a regression in the built-in ad blocker. 

    That's kind of bad.

    They had a fix available within 24 hours of being notified.

    That's pretty damn good.

  • Oh, Calli is streaming.

    Oh, she's doing a Japanese-only challenge.  Being Calli, this means that any time she accidentally speaks English she has to take a drink.

    Speaking of which, I was watching the Kiara/Calli farewell karaoke earlier.  (Kiara is heading back to Australia wink now that travel restrictions have been relaxed.)

    I stopped the chat in Chrome and opened it in Edge instead so it wouldn't make the music freeze and skip as it often does.

    Edge used 5.5GB of RAM for that one tab.

Oh No Haachama Video of the Day

If YouTube bans her and she has to start over again, that will just give her the opportunity to join Hololive EN Gen 2.

Update: Wait, she's got both the short (Haachama) and long (Haato) twintails now?  She must buy virtual shampoo by the pallet.

Disclaimer: "What the fuck" is technically omnilingual.  Otherwise she'd be plastered already.

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1 Well, good thing my DNS providers are and ::1 Just update your root.hints file every once in a while.

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