Monday, May 18


SSDNodes Notes

I created a 50GB file, which ran at 288MB/s and was effectively CPU-bound, not I/O-bound.

I then used that file as a block device to create a ZFS pool - which you can totally do.

And it worked just fine.

I then deleted the file just to find out what happened, and that also worked.  So, um, don't do that.  If you're logged is as root you can trash the partition table and write directly to the raw block device, so don't do that either.

Anyway, that means you can get a good-enough ZFS setup on SSDNodes without the trauma of trying to resize your root filesystem while it's live, which is close to performing brain surgery on yourself.  Except that SSDNodes has a reinstall button.

Performance during this experiment was just fine.  Given the price, performance was awesome.

Don't have a baseline for reliability and support yet, but so far it's looking good.

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