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Daily News Stuff 6 May 2020

Good Morning Shoppers Edition

Tech News

  • IOFlood also has a great server deal.  You'd think a dual 10-core Xeon system would have better performance than a single 8-core Ryzen...  Oh, it does?  Not by a lot though. 

    (That second link compares a single CPU, where the IOFlood system has two.  For good measure I threw in the Ryzen 4700U as found in that $649 Acer laptop.  That's also faster than a 10-core Xeon from seven years ago.  It keeps up fairly well with the 3700X given that it has a quarter of the power budget and also a quarter of the cache.)

    If I hadn't already got the Ryzen I would have been quite happy with that Xeon system.

  • Adult site CAM4 leaked 7tb of user data.  (Wired)

    Can you spell Elasticsearch?

    Elasticsearch has what is known as the "ELK" stack - Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana - for ingesting and analysing all of your application logs.

    Application logs usually contain private user details from debugging messages that escaped to production.

    Elasticsearch has, by default, no password protection, so if you connect it to the internet everyone has access to everything.

    Not a good combination.  But at least now it has the option of adding a password. Another ten years and it might insist on it.

  • Microprose is back!  (Hot Hardware)

    Yes, they're planning on remastering some of their classic games, but they're kicking things off with three new ones: Task Force Admiral and Sea Power, two modern naval combat games with realistic 3D graphics, and Second Front, a WWII boardgame brought to life.

  • Twitter says, and I quote, fuck all you fucking fucks and the fucking horse you fucking rode in on.  (Tech Crunch)

    This will go down as history's worst idea after Bill de Blasio's Stasi Hotline.

  • Wait 30 seconds then delete all my files.

    Or, do not edit a running shell script.  Not ever.

    I knew this, but because long ago I guessed what would happen and tried it out.  Never been burned by this particular gotcha.

  • Text rendering hates you.  (GitHub)

    Sixbit or bust.

  • Text editing hates you too.  (

    Sixbit 80x24.

  • WinUI is Microsoft's new new new new new new new new new universal UI toolkit for Windows.  (GitHub)

    Just ignore all the burned out tanks littering the last hundred miles of highway.  This is the one.

  • Intel has a new Xeon W 1200 family.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This looks like the workstation versions of the recently announced Comet Lake chips - that is, the exact same chips with ECC enabled and desktop chipset compatibility disabled.

    Or there's Ryzen, which is cheaper, uses less power, has more cache, and just works.

Disclaimer: Gentlemen, start your bunnies.

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1 Microprose...There is a name that I actually think of fairly often, since they developed/published, or later just published some of my favorite PC games (Though Falcon 4.0 was not one of them IIRC, unless you count all the games under Spectrum Holobyte as being Microprose's.).  Now if only SSI was brought back...

Posted by: cxt217 at Thursday, May 07 2020 05:32 AM (4i7w0)

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