Saturday, October 31


Daily News Stuff 31 October 2020

Excess Frogs Edition

Tech News

  • Ducked out to pick up some more strawberry frogs (and some other items) before the potential trickle treaters, even though that meant missing the first fifteen minutes of Kiara's KFP construction stream.

    Got home just as the thunderstorm rolled in.

    I now have a lot of frogs to eat.

  • Big Navi gets benchmarked.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Not by Tom's Hardware, though - by AMD.

    The results are good across the board, with one case where even the base 6800 beats the RTX 3090.  But then, AMD picked and ran these benchmarks, so box of salt time.

  • eXoDOS is a collection of DOS games.  (eXoDOS)

    All of them.  Seven thousand so far, and they are gathering more as fast as they can find original media to copy.  About half a terabyte in total, but thankfully in individual directories and not one enormous bloody zip file looking at you BlueMaxima.

  • Mars has declared independence from Earth.  (The Independent)

    Good to get that sort of thing settled early.

  • Sony is looking to buy Crunchyroll for $1 billion.  (Nikkei)


  • A flock of drones is planting a billion trees across Canada.  (Fast Company)

    I mean, sure, why not.

  • Okay, that's it.  Time to launch these fuckers into the Sun.

    Yes, they are saying that if they suspend your account, then reverse the rule that led to your suspension, you might now permitted to beg for your account to be restored.

  • Trump's gonna be president forever.  (Washingtonian)

    In the clearest sign yet that he will be re-elected, businesses in Washington DC are busy boarding up their windows this weekend.

Korone's On First Video of  the Day

Disclaimer: Eternal life to the God-Emperor of Mankind.

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1 We have this rule, you see, that only applies to this one account, and we didn't just make it up on the spot to try to stop the spread of something we dislike, and we're reversing the rule anyway, and also the rule never existed because that would be stupid and we're not stupid, and we're still locking your account because of a rule that we never made and you never had an account anyway.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, November 01 2020 12:53 AM (obo9H)

2 Got a new bunch (6 each) of microcontrollers & breakouts today.  I decided to try a couple of QFNs this time, and hot plated one QFN and one TQFP.  Did pretty well, only one bridge on the latter.  That means tomorrow afternoon I can put headers on them and try again with that breadboard test rig.  Got to take my son to Micro Center first--he got his first job recently and has saved enough to get himself a second monitor for his computer.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, November 01 2020 02:01 PM (eqaFC)

3 Given that some of the eXoDOS games are also on GoG...I can see this development becoming messy.

Posted by: cxt217 at Monday, November 02 2020 12:25 PM (4i7w0)

4 Anyone actually had experience with eXoDOS?

Posted by: cxt217 at Monday, November 02 2020 02:53 PM (4i7w0)

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