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Daily News Stuff 30 May 2020

Baby Monster Edition

Tech News

  • Hivelocity - a server hosting company - has declared war on Gelbooru.

    Catgirls hardest hit.  Won't somebody think of the catgirls?

    Knowing what the fans get up to, there are probably some objectionable images in there.  But Hivelocity is handling this with Twitterish levels of professionalism.

  • Ryzen 4000 is 90% faster than Ryzen 3000.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Except that this is APUs, so we're talking about the new 8-core parts against the old 4-core parts, so we'd expect them to be 90% faster.  At least they are indeed meeting expectations.

  • Samsung's new Galaxy Book S is the first product based on Intel's Lakelake architecture.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Field Lake?  Lakefield?  One of those.

    This has one Core core and four Atom cores.  Unless these Atom cores are significantly faster than any previous ones, it really needs at least two Core cores to run modern apps smoothly.

  • Mike Masnick has a blind spot the size of Iowa.  (TechDirt)

    No matter how blatant Twitter's anti-conservative bias, he will always excuse them on the grounds that they were only applying their rules.  And their rules don't actually say "we hate conservatives" therefore they don't hate conservatives.

  • Critics - by which we mean idiots - are angry with Facebook for not censoring President Trump.  (Tech Crunch)

    So simultaneously (a) social networks aren't censoring anyone and especially not conservatives and (b) Facebook is bad for not applying the same censorship as the other networks.

  • Better Red than Red.  (Serve the Home)

    Serve the Home compared a RAID array built of regular Western Digital Red drives against one made up of the shingled model.

    For most tests, the shingled models worked reasonably well, though somewhat slower than the regular ones.  But when it came to rebuilding a (deliberately) failed array, well:
    The WD40EFAX performed so poorly that we repeated the test on a second disk to rule out user error.
    In this case the shingled drives were fifteen times slower than the regular ones.

Disclaimer: I fear we have awakened a sleeping weeaboo and filled him with a terrible resolve.

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1 Gelbooru may be the purest example of the Internet's ability to gather information from all over the world and sort the filth to the top. I like the veiled threat to expose one image that the site operator would surely be too ashamed to publicly defend. "Oh, you sweet innocent child."


Posted by: J Greely at Saturday, May 30 2020 11:37 PM (ZlYZd)

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