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Daily News Stuff 26 October 2020

Oh Edition

Tech News

  • Azerbaijan posted notices on social media of Armenian violations of the ceasefire.

    Unfortunately for their credibility, they accidentally hit Send five minutes before the violations were supposed to have happened.

  • 2020 ain't over until the parthenogenetic crayfish sings.

  • Twitter is now censoring warnings about Twitter censorship.

  • Given how noisy my all-in-one desktops can be under heavy load, and the performance of recent low-power chips like the Ryzen 4000U range, I've been wondering lately what it would take to move to entirely passive cooling.

    The answer is, quite a lot.  (AnandTech)

    The i5-8259U in this NUC is a 28W part, while the 4000U is (by default) a 15W part.  Still, a heatsink four times the size of the computer it is cooling is still quite a lot.

  • An analysis of the RIAA's DMCA takedown of YouTube-dl.  (Disaspora)

    One, it's not even a takedown notice.  And things just get murkier from there.

  • The Ryzen 5950X showed up on Passmark.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's right in line with the 5600X score, and 16% faster than the 10900K on single-threaded tests - about the same margin the 10900K had over the 3950X.

    That makes it 85% faster on single-threaded tasks than my first-generation Ryzen 1700.

Clip and Tear Video of the Day

I really like how the Hololive team are often very good at video games but still scream like little girls and run around in a panic when anything goes wrong.  Like Flare and Matsuri testing out their new lightning weapon in Minecraft today - on a target that was standing right next to them.

Disclaimer: Panik!

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1 That fanless NUC is for a CPU that's two and a half years old.  Wonder why it took them so long to come out with it.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, October 27 2020 03:22 AM (eqaFC)

2 It turns out the author had been doing a long-term test drive.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, October 27 2020 10:16 AM (eqaFC)

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