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Daily News Stuff 24 January 2020

Friday Before The Long Weekend Edition

Tech News

  • So, I have NBN.  FINALLY.  Only been waiting a decade and change.   Now I can do a whole bunch of stuff.

    Real download speeds seem to peak at around 50 Mb, uploads at 32 Mb.  That might be because I'm on WiFi right now and surrounded by other people's access points; I'll grab my box of cables tomorrow and get back to wired.

    On the plus side, having a decent amount of bandwidth means that I can run downloads and uploads at full speed and not any notice a difference with my web browsing.  I had three days worth of uploads to Dropbox queued up; that turned into two hours once I got things switched over.

    Also, I snagged the cables and knocked the brand new router onto the floor twice today.  The old router lived on the floor; it occasionally got stepped on but it never fell off.  I'll find a longer Ethernet cable in the box so the new router can live somewhere a bit safer.  Having all my SSH sessions disconnected any time I wander into the kitchen for a midnight snack will get tired pretty fast.

  • Not every RX 5600 XT can hulk out.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The new BIOS update significantly increases clock speeds and memory speeds, but you can only increase memory speed to 14 Gbps in BIOS if the card has 14 Gbps RAM in the first place.

  • Please explain yourselves, YouTube.  (TechDirt)

    Why is it that someone can "accidentally" block hundreds of YouTube videos based on claims for copyrights they don't own?

  • At last count, Twitter was 135% bots.  (Medium)
    Retweets and likes can be a method of radicalization.
    Insert TripleFacepalm.gif here.

  • The Internet of Bricks.  (ZDNet)

    Sonos has partly walked back its original plan, which appeared to be "make customers as angry as possible without literally setting them on fire".  But the fundamental problem with companies just deciding to remotely trash your appliances remains.

  • Space cookies!  Hand me the rap rod, plate captain!  (ABC News)

Disclaimer: Faster internet access somehow doesn't make more news stories appear.  Darn.

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1 The new "working as intended" issue I've got with Youtube is (I think) an overzealous ad blocker in Firefox running up a cricket score of block flags on every page load and even blocking the video. And then some ads still manage to get through.

Posted by: Will at Saturday, January 25 2020 05:19 AM (jO0BK)

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